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Horoscope for the Week of May 13, 2024 - Retrograde Pluto Squares Venus

AspectsRetrograde Pluto squares Venus now turning our love life a little upside down. Transformations are good but stay flexible and open.

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You have an interesting balancing act, Aries. Do you help friends out financially knowing that it may become more of a gift rather than a loan? If you are comfortable with any scenario, go for it. If this makes finances tighter for you, try to find more loving and less costly ways to help pals out of a jam. Be caring but be practical.


What you really want to achieve in this life may be subject to change, Taurus. There may be unanticipated opportunities or, let’s face it, obstacles that you never realized before. Whatever life delivers to you, find ways to more constructively direct your life path to a destination that gives you the success you deserve.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Secrets can spill out in unexpected ways that charge up your imagination and sense of adventure. Geminis interested in exploring will find all types of fascinating and ground breaking opportunities. And who knows? There could be a secret admirer along the way. Keep your heart and mind open as the landscape moves.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Cancer can turn on the charm which might lead into some deeper emotional connections and entanglements. This is great if that is your aim but be sure to direct your passions to someone who you really could love. There can be times when you are focused on a particular friend. Will this relationship change? It’s your call.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Leos may need to balance their career obligations with the needs of partners. How you find time for both can determine how much pleasure you get out of each. There may be times when stress runs high but the ultimate result can be one that offers you much more future joy and satisfaction. Diplomacy will take you far.


Travel may have its ups and downs, Virgo. There may be trip ups or snafus that you will have to deal with. But your experiences may also have the added effect of making you much more flexible and savvy and could even lead you into unexpected life affirming events. The world opens up before you. Take the first careful step.


Fun suddenly seems to get a little more serious for you, Libra. Lighthearted flirtations and chance meetings can take on a monumental life shift. Parties and creative outlets give you added insights into the motivations of others. So dive into any activity that brings you joy and see how interesting it can become.


Family and relationships get a bit mixed up and turned over now, Scorpio. There may be two different camps that emerge and you will have to be peacemaker. But you have it in you to strategically plan out what needs to be done so everyone feels heard and all stress is reduced. Harmony reigns, once you take charge.


You can get much more work done than expected, Sagittarius. Any long dormant project suddenly has life and your ability to instruct and direct others is effective. Take your time and try to be patient with those who seem not to understand things the first time. You can eventually get everyone to where they need to be.


Any type of enjoyable pastime may cost you more than you expect, Capricorn. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. But it can mean that you will need to plan out your parties so you can enjoy each one without worrying about the cost. You may also find that what you find fun may shift as you discover new and exciting things.


There will be times when your ability to reach out and meet new people could conflict with what family members want for you. They have your best interests at heart but you are a capable person too. If any discussions ensue, try to find ways to better understand where everyone is coming from. Form your own opinion but take advice.


Your words pack a punch, Pisces. Thoughts and opinions that you share can take on a monumental shift in others’ perspectives. You speak from the heart and feel deeply about where you and are where you are going. Allow yourself the contemplative time to measure your words and calm the waters. No rough seas, please.

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