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Horoscope for the Week of May 27, 2024 - Venus in Taurus

AspectsVenus enters Taurus and enables us to luxuriate in our enjoyable pursuits. Show the world how you feel. Even better, show a special someone how you feel.

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Your money situation brightens as you are able to more effectively harness the pleasurable aspects of finances. Whatever turns you on is possible within your current budget. The question will be how can you most enjoy your gotten gains, Aries? Share it with those you love and think of a few happy things to do together.


You are bursting with confidence, Taurus. Not only do you have ample charisma, you also love and live larger than usual. You impact others and enliven and enrich any social interaction. So get your message out there to as many interesting folks as possible. Who knows what can happen? A message can turn into a massage.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

There are happy spirits surrounding you, Gemini. All of this good karma not only rubs off on you, it also rubs off on those around you to form a happy and contented alliance. Allow yourself to waft on the mellow vibes to a higher consciousness and spread joy to all types of people and communities. Good vibes turn to great vibes.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

This is the time to concentrate on building and expanding upon friendships, Cancer. You are able to reach a wide range of interesting and enlightened people who improve your life and add joy. There are some great groups to join too. Seek to live and learn from others. Your life will be enhanced and your outlook improved.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Mark your future professional path well, Leo. There are greater opportunities for you to achieve any success you set your mind to especially as you focus on the essentials. Your ability to schmooze powerful people is at a high point and this can lead to unanticipated advancements. Find your groove and see where you can go.


Expect to meet more interesting and exotic people, Virgo. That is because there is something in you that will strive to expand your boundaries and explore new experiences. Plan some travel, expand your realm via the internet or just get off your couch and into the action. Boredom is not an option. Get buzzed and thrive.


Your love blooms, Libra. Not only do you seem to have extra charisma, you also seem to glow around others. Use this time to solidify current romantic relationships or, if you are on the search, then search. There will be times when the heart speaks louder than the head. Use your emotional intelligence to guide you.


You find more opportunities to improve certain relationships, Scorpio. For those that may be stressed or otherwise fraught, find commonality and comfort to soothe any old wounds. And that can bring happiness and confidence for you. You find that there will be a greater meeting of the minds than you first anticipate.


Working with others will never be easier than it is right now, Sagittarius. So if you have a group project, set it in motion. There is a greater opportunity to achieve any goal and finish any long delayed project. You also find that you are feeling more relaxed as certain stressors don’t seem to have the same impact as they might usually.


Not only are you feeling much more creative, Capricorn, you also seem a bit more jovial than usual. Embrace the happy energy and see where you can best express yourself. It may be in a group activity or it may be allowing yourself some alone time to mine your inspiration. Whichever route you take, enjoy every minute.


Find more ways to make your home surroundings more comfortable and pleasurable. You have some creative ideas to spruce up your space and some great people to invite over for a party. Since family gatherings seem to have more happy moments than usual, Aquarius, find time to launch a reunion of far flung relatives.


You seem to know just what to say to get exactly what you want, Pisces. Your ability to charm others is in top form and your communication is focused and spot on. So see what you need to do, what opinions you need to get across and what platform will be most effective. There are those who gather to hear your every word.

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