Helpful Hint in Astrological Compatibility

Charlenelichtenstein[1]There are many ways to see if someone is right for you. Astrology is often used but sometimes it involves too much detail or not enough.

Too much detail includes all sorts of aspects to each chart and a full array of all of the planets and signs. Too little detail reduces the comparison to just the sun sign. "Oh you are a Taurus. I am a Virgo. We are compatible."

I am a fan of probability matching and have used this technique in my own relationships. What I do is list all of the love/dating relationships I have had and list each person by their sun sign. I was somewhat surprised to see a real pattern. I am Sagittarius, but did not get along especially well with other fire signs. In fact, I got along very well with earth signs especially Taurus. Who would have thought that Taurus and Sagittarius would have a good relationship?

I figured it out - I lack earth in my chart. I am seeking earth - stability, confidence, earthiness and trustworthiness. I find that in Taurus.

Try it yourself. List all of your relationships good and bad and see if you can discern a pattern. Let me know what you find.


Your Solar Return Chart

Every year on your birthday, the Sun returns to the exact position that it was on the moment of your birth. At this time one can run their solar return chart for the year and assess what opportunities, challenges and situations may come up in the next twelve months. Using the information from your solar return chart can enable you to plan better and prepare for any possible event. There are those who believe that by traveling on your birthday it is possible to change your luck - reducing the stresses and gaining opportunities.

There are many ways to approach a solar return chart analysis. I run the chart based on precision correction because of the eliptical orbit of the earth around the sun. Then I look at the angles the planets make tothe top of the chart, paying particular attention to the Vertex which is a power point of any chart. If the angles to the top of the chart are harsh, we can look at different locations to see if we can shift the stressful energy into less important areas of your life. If you want to learn more about a solar return reading, check out my readings here.

And here is a very informative video of what the solar return is all about: 


The Etsy Psychic Community

Tarot reader 1Who would have guessed that Etsy, known for handmade products would have so many psychics and the issues that come along with overpromising and preying on the vulnerable. Read the entire article here.

Here is the excerpt:

Etsy has 8,694 results (and counting!) for "tarot reading," 7,650 for "psychic reading," and 945 for "astrology reading." The Etsy psychic community conducts its business digitally, sending results over email, video chat, or text message. Psychics and fortune tellers can perform their services as quickly as they would were a customer to enter a neon-lit storefront, depending on when they see the request on Etsy and receive payment, up front, using PayPal, debit card, check, or money order. But instead of wandering into a physical shop and displaying vulnerability to a mystical stranger, Etsy customers experience readings from the comfort of their own homes.

There are many kinds of psychic readings available on the site. Among the most widespread is tarot, in which a reader analyzes cards drawn from a deck to answer a question their client has posed; Etsy tarot readers send customers photos of their card spreads. Astrology readings are based on zodiac birth charts, which are essentially maps of the star, planet, sun, and moon alignments at the exact moment a person is born. Etsy shopkeepers also sell energy readings, during which they use alleged extra-sensory abilities to perceive the invisible field of energy surrounding a customer, including her chakras and aura.

The prices of metaphysical readings on Etsy range wildly in price, generally based on the depth of the reading and the amount of time the psychic puts into the work. A one-card reading from Gemini Tarot is less than $2. One of the most expensive readings available on Etsy is something called a psychic archetype reading from The Mystical Rose. For $3,300, you can have a psychic named Doreen meditate on what sort of goddess you are. After obtaining a customer's birthday, Doreen meditates on each goddess archetype and asks the spirit questions accordingly. For example, "Hag, what in you is ugly and terrifying? How can you redeem this monster?" The shop has 836 positive reviews.

Proprietors on Etsy also sell healing crystals, protective amulets and talismans, aura analysis drawings, and sometimes — illegally — magic spells. Etsy classifies itself as a marketplace and prohibits the sale of services sitewide, mystical or not. Psychics are required to sell their online readings with a "tangible item," which can be as simple as a .pdf or .jpg file, and are not allowed to make any explicit or even implicit promises, which means spells are strictly forbidden. To monitor psychic shops that have been skirting site rules, Etsy clarified its policies over the summer.

Site guidelines now state that "any metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will effect [sic] a physical change (e.g., weight loss) or other outcome (e.g., love, revenge) is not allowed, even if it delivers a tangible item." According to site regulations, Etsy also reserves the right to remove any listings that are not in the "spirit of Etsy." When the change occurred, the Etsy psychic community worried about revenue loss. Many took their services to sites with looser rules for spellcasters, like Bonanza, Keen, and Kasamba.

As for me, I am happy conducting quality readings in both tarot and astrology. If you are interested in one of my readings, click here.

Ask Madam Lichtenstein - How Can I Improve My Love Life Using Astrology?

Tarot reader 1Dear Madam Lichtenstein: My birth date is 06-feb-1993. so my sign is Aquarius. But my week is not going well.  You wrote that romance in the air for Aquarians. But I am experiencing nothing like that. What is the reason? And I am trying to understand my horoscope but I don't know my birth time. Can I still know my correct horoscope?

Madam Lichtenstein says: My weekly horoscopes are general but can give you a clue as to the opportunity for love. We would need your birth time to  see where in your chart you can improve your love. So if Venus (the planet of love) is transiting your 1st house, you could find romance by meeting new people or starting a new project. In the 11th house it could be by travel or broadening your horizons like taking a class. In the 11th hosue it could be through friends. If you don't know your birth time we could approximate but there is nothing as accurate as knowing your birth time - maybe it is on your birth certificate?


Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Can I Make A Big Break in My Career?

Tarot reader 1Washington DC: Birth date: May 12, 1959, Place: New York, New York, Time: 12 noon, Female

Seeking your guidance -- yearning to move into creative/communications field -- writing, marketing, etc., but have 20 years in government service (had to raise a child). How can I summon courage to move into new field or should I just make the best of things the way they are?

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have Sun in Taurus, Mercury in Aries and Mars in Cancer. You are steady and loyal in general but you are also an aggressive communicator and make your point in no uncertain terms! You fight with your heart and not your head -- can be an emotional fighter.

Possibly Leo rising which places Taurus on the cusp of your 10th house of career. Taurus is a slow and steady energy. You get on a track and keep on going and going like that energizer bunny. And it it hard to change course.

But Taurus is also ruled by Venus. As practical and directioned as Taurus is, the sign also yearns for art and beauty. So that is where that creative tug is coming from. Taurus on the 10th means carefull and risk adverse Capricorn on the 6th house of work. So you really feel a sense of duty (Capricorn) and a sense of being on a course that cannot change (Taurus).

Astrology tells you the energies at work. It is up to you to take action to overcome or enhance what you have working here. If you are unhappy, want a change and can afford to do so, start to look around and see what can give you what you need.

That Capricorn energy may suggest that you hedge your bets by trying something on an after work volunteer basis so you can see if it is really what you want or not.

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