Centre for Psychological Astrology Class Enrollment for Autumn

An announcement from the Centre for Psychological Astrology about their Fall schedule. All virtual so you don't have to be in London to attend:

CPA/MISPA Autumn 2021 Webinars

Dear All

Our Autumn 2021 webinars start soon and are open for booking  - take a look at the full details and book now at https://www.cpalondon.com/seminars.html
Our webinars are real-time, online seminars in psychological astrology. You are able to interact with the tutor and other students as the session happens via a chat box. Experience a MISPA seminar live from anywhere in the world through your computer browser or app. If you can't make it live you can still book and receive four weeks access to the recording of the event afterwards.

Darby Costello
Generations and Cycles of History: What is your Generation About?
Sunday 10th Oct 2021 - 15.30-18.00 BST

The outer planets keep their patterns for several years at a time and many astrologers have come to see these patterns as describing generations. These planetary patterns give clues as to what a generation might be developing, encountering, and working to bring into the world. We shall look at various generational patterns and particular characters who seem to express those patterns most clearly and we shall ask ourselves how attentive we are to the planetary designs.

Lynn Bell
Body and Psyche: The Archetypal Language of Planets and Symptoms
Sunday 17th Oct 2021 - 15.30-18.00 BST

The body speaks to us in many ways, and when we listen with a "planetary" ear, a symptom will often lead to a particular place in the chart, and a specific theme of burning or restriction, of twists and breaks or out of control growth. How do we learn the archetypal language of symptom? If we pay close enough attention, our bodies communicate through the language of symptom, a language that astrology can help us decode. The signs of the zodiac have been linked to different parts of the body since ancient times, and they can offer clues to the underlying tensions and conflicts that may be expressed in physical symptoms. Rather than a seminar about medical astrology, this is an exploration of the astrological language of the body, of the relationship between psyche, soma and the stars. The ability to think symbolically is at the heart of all astrological work. How can we learn to listen to the nonverbal messages that come not only through the body but also through our experience of the everyday world? The understanding of symbolic language can be extended to our cars and our homes, our pets and machines, then offered back to our clients in healing communication.

Martin Moritz
Check-up Time: Saturn Returns at age 29 and 59

Sunday 24th Oct 2021 - 15.30-18.00 BST

Saturn returns are times of scrutiny and verification in our lives. The first time, at the end of our 20s, it signifies the ‘end of youth‘. From now on, we have to take responsibility for our life. Once we hit 30, time begins to feel different, more serious and sobering. On the other hand, people age very differently and individually these days. Saturn is the planet doing the check-up, which can feel pretty disheartening at times, especially when our dreams turn out to be unrealistic. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee! It is all about the choices we make. End of our 20s is a good time to ask ourselves if we are on the ‘right‘ path. And if not, to try another route, but be true to yourself. Know thyself, baby, because you won‘t be able to blame anybody else! In the past age 59 used to be an age when people almost looked like old people, worn out and tired. These days the second Saturn return can be a fabulous time to get in charge of how you want to ‘age‘. We are surrounded by so much courage and creativity. 60 is not the end of the world anymore. Ageism is a growing problem in our youth-focussed society. But times are changing and a new generation of brave seniors are refusing to fade into the background. On the contrary; many clients report that they feel better about themselves, make different choices and treat themselves and others more kindly. The last trimester can offer wonderful opportunities, provided we take Saturn seriously with his mantra: Know thyself!

Shawn Nygaard
Astrology & Fairy Tales - Spinning Straw into Gold
Sunday 7th Nov 2021 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

Fairy tales have gained a reputation in modern times as being a step removed from so-called “reality,” largely due to the wish for a happy ending that never really seems to arrive in “real” life. As reflections of psychic reality, however, fairy tales suggest that the soul seems far less interested in happy endings than in expressing through these varied tales the wider dynamic range of its inherent, archetypal complexity – the same archetypal complexity reflected in an astrological chart.

This webinar explores the nature of fairy tales, their roots and role in history and culture, and how they can enhance our astrological imagination, turning charts themselves into fairy tales. Whether entering the dark forest or an enchanted wood, or longing to go to the ball, fairy tale imagery aligns with the planets, signs, houses, and aspects familiar to all of us. Specific examples will help start spinning the straw of a chart into golden threads of insight. Along the way we will also look at how fairy tales can be particularly relevant as Jupiter, Saturn, and eventually Pluto all make their way through the sign of Aquarius now and in the coming years.

Safron Rossi
The Dance of Distinctions: Archetypal Polarities in the Zodiac
Part 4: Taurus-Scorpio and Gemini-Sagittarius
Sunday 14th Nov 2021 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

This is the concluding session of the four-part polarity series.

The six polarities in the zodiac depict archetypal patterns of consciousness. Each sign contains its own energy as well as an attunement to the energy of its opposite. Learning to see in terms of polarity helps with understanding both the shadows and gifts of each sign.

Session 4: Taurus-Scorpio and Gemini-Sagittarius
We will look at two polarities in this session:
Essential themes in the Taurus-Scorpio dance: rooting and transforming, Aphrodite’s sensate imagination and the sorceress Medea’s rejuvenating power.
Essential themes in the Gemini-Sagittarius dance: knowledge and wisdom, the winding paths of Hermes and Zeus’ divine light.

This series explores C.G. Jung’s idea of the tension of opposites and James Hillman’s idea of the union of sames in order to explore the polarity dynamic of each zodiac pair and their psychological meaning.  Please note that Parts 1 and 2 of this series both include an in-depth review of Jung and Hillman’s ideas on the problem of opposites. All 3 previous videos are available for viewing in our video section.

John Green
Katabasis: Descending to the Underworld
Sunday 28th Nov 2021 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

Katabasis in myth describes the descent into the underworld. This ‘going down’ entails journeying into the depths of the earth or of oneself, leaving the upper world behind to wander in the dark. It is a time of solitude, doubt, fear, alienation, mourning and losing our sense of who we really are. Exploring stories of katabasis such as Orpheus, we will look at what it means to journey underground psychologically and how transits to our chart can trigger this descent. How does the encounter with the dark and irrational change us and what can we bring back with us. In the latter part of the webinar we will explore a way of finding our own myth of katabasis.

*Still Some Recording Places Available*
Liz Greene
Three Webinar Events - Jupiter: ‘Great Benefic’ or the Joker in the Pack?
Saturdays 4th Sept, 2nd Oct & 20th Nov2021 - 15.30-18.00 BST/GMT

Jupiter, known in Greek myth as Zeus, king of the gods, has been perceived for centuries as the ‘Great Benefic’, and many astrologers assume that this planet will always herald good fortune, opportunities for betterment, and material and emotional rewards. Sometimes this interpretation is entirely valid. At other times it isn’t, as anyone tracking the 2020 transit of Jupiter conjuncting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn might have observed. Hopes that the pandemic would soon be over were dashed as cases of Covid-19 began to spike again and move into a second wave, while virulently partisan politics, conspiracy theories, and burgeoning fear and rage generated destructive divides between individuals, families, communities, and nations. When Jupiter transits in aspect to natal planets, the same contradictory picture emerges. Sometimes great opportunities arise. Sometimes the transit coincides with the collapse of relationships, financial hardship, the onset of serious illness, and even death. Sometimes both extremes occur at once. And in natal charts, Jupiter aspects are not always benign in the accepted sense. Take, for example, the natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Adolf Hitler’s natal chart, or the Sun trine Jupiter in Donald Trump’s. What does Jupiter really symbolise? These three seminars will explore the enigmatic, paradoxical, and unpredictable Jupiter in the hope of finding a clearer understanding of this tricky and magical planet.

See all the full details and book at: https://www.cpalondon.com/seminars.html

Previous webinars are available to view on demand here: https://www.mercuryinternetschool.com/video.html


Horoscope for the Week of August 23, 2021 - Sun in Virgo

The Sun enters Virgo this week highlighting our more practical and down-to-earth natures. Have you been procrastinating? This is the time to just get things done! Then relax!

Melissa mccarthy








(Melissa McCarthy has Sun in Virgo)

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If there was any good time to clean out your closets, get some paperwork off your desk or otherwise clear out your dusty debris, this is the time, Aries. Not only are you extremely productive, you will have ample energy to get it all cleared away and clean once and for all. Think of the benefits – the rest of the summer will be smooth sailing.


Fun may have its practical aspects for you now. But that doesn’t mean any pastime or hobby is going to be a ton of work. In fact, you are raring to go, go, go and become the social director and party planner of the year. Give yourself time to not only put in the effort but also totally enjoy all of the benefits. Dance on and on, Taurus.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Family obligations will figure prominently for you at this time, Gemini. Focus on what you need to do in very practical terms to bring people together and get the reunions planned. Before you know it you will be having a great time catching up, reminiscing and relaxing. These deeper connections can figure prominently in the future months.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Whatever you say and whoever you say it to will not only sound very wise and measured but also hold the spark of brilliance. So if you have been waiting to express your opinion, now might be the best time to do it, Cancer. See how far your ideas can take you. I suspect it will take you further than you ever thought possible.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Money seems to come to you more effortlessly now, Leo. But, really, that is because you are able to take a very fine and practical look at your finances and future plans. Plot your fiscal course while you can focus on the essentials and the details. Not only can you cash in later, you can also build a strong foundation for a very solid future.


You are in the center of your universe as everyone around you wants to get closer and closer to you. What will you do with all of this beneficial attention, Virgo? Use it to meet important folks who can really help you in the next stages of your life. Start new projects, go in new and profitable directions and see where life leads you.


Secrets and anything that has been playing out in the background suddenly comes into sharp focus. Are you ready for some revelations, Libra? Put some charitable efforts in place and pay the good karma forward now. There is goodness in the universe that is waiting for a chance to sprinkle some luck your way. Be prepared to be peppered.


Not only will there be more opportunities to expand your social life, you can also create deeper relationships with acquaintances and pals now. As your net widens, you may be happily surprised who swims your way. So drum up your best and persuasive skills, Scorpio, and make your mark in impressive and influential circles.


Any long term idea that has been pushed off or delayed will now find a new urgency and a lot more energy behind it. Sagittarians often have grand plans but can get bogged down in the implementation. Not now! You have ample energy to do what needs to get done and move things one giant step forward. Today the planning. Tomorrow the takeover.


Your expansive mind now needs room to roam, Capricorn. That means that if you are thinking of traveling, this may be a good time to do it. You have the ability to concentrate on all of the important details to make any adventure a great and mind expanding one. Get out of your routine and do something new, even if it is closer to home.


Aquarians need much more love and attention now. Once you have carefully ascertained the landscape of romance, don’t hold back on your emotions. Connections will lead to new understanding, happiness and a great goal for the future. Deep emotions can sometimes seem scary but they are often much more satisfying and enriching.


Get a fuller understanding of certain important relationships now, Pisces. These can be family, friends or even work-related. Someone from one of these groups is slated to figure much more prominently in your life in the next few weeks. Figure out who it is and what you are seeking from them. Don’t be surprised if this leads further than you ever thought possible.

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Horoscope for the Week of August 16, 2021 - Venus in Libra

Venus enters Libra and casts a happy warm glow in our love life. So expand your dreams and see where the love boat docks.








(Beyonce Knowles has Venus in Libra)

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Take a good look at a certain current relationship to see if it is as good as it can be and make it even better. And also see if there are other partnerships that you can cultivate. Aries love large and now you can expand your personal connections to mammoth proportions. Is it possible that too much closeness can be too much? Not at this point in time!


They love you at work and why not? Taureans know how to put in the effort for the good of the group and finally, now, others take notice and appreciate it. Find ways of making your mark on the job. Not only will you gain personal satisfaction, you also make life happier and more productive.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

There will be many more ways of relaxing and just having fun this week, Gemini. You are inspired! And these creative enterprises can also result in a new flirtation or a warmer closer current romance. See who life brings you - whether a familiar face or a mysterious one.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Family get together will be especially loving and harmonious now, Cancer. So be sure to plan something wonderful with your relatives and very close compadres. It is also a good time to clear up any misunderstanding between all of you. Diplomacy is now your strong suit.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

You seem to know just what to say to make others feel grrrreat, Leo. So if there is an area of your life that needs a calm tone, assuring banter or just some good old sugary common sense, find it and use your eloquence to make it fabulous. We can sure use your talent right now!


Money is honey, Virgo. Which is why you are now on the top of your financial game. Make your dough rise in new and creative ways while you mitigate risk and find the right advisor to guide you through any possible pitfalls. Once you get to where you want to be, spoil someone you love.


You are the center of your universe Libra and seem to attract a range of glamorous folks who just want to be near you. Find ways to meet new exciting people who can help you in any future personal project. The time is now. Get out as best as you can and make those connections.


Someone is working behind the scenes on your behalf, Scorpio. Your best charitable ideas will get their attention. They are clearing the path for you to take your life to the next big loving level. Who is this mysterious guardian angel? Meditate. Time will tell for you to find out.


Friends are not only front and center of your life now, they will also figure prominently in your future plans. So reach out and reaffirm your platonic connections, Sagittarius. Join new organizations and groups to expand your social net. Then network, network, network.


There are time when you just love the life path you are on, Capricorn. This may be one of those times. Check to see that you are on the right path for you and make sure that any professional connections you have are in your inner circle. You can spread the good vibes and capitalize on them too.


Your world is greatly expanding, Aquarius. And you are on the cusp of a great new adventure. Whether you actually physically travel or take your excursion virtually, it will take you out of your routine and into some new and exciting territory. Your choice of destination.


Hot and sexy Pisces can turn on the charm and attract anyone they want to now. How can you decide from all of the potential choices? You are full of charisma and can spread your personal oil on any dish. So ramp up your sizzle and see who you decide to invite to your fish fry.

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Horoscope for the Week of August 9, 2021 - Mercury in Virgo Opposite Retro Neptune

Mercury enters Virgo and opposes retrograde Neptune. Pow! What creative idea can you conjure that will take you to an entirely different universe? Whatever it is, be prepared for a grand ride!











(Madonna has Mercury in Virgo)

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Not only do you find the crazy, perfect solution to a long vexing problem, you realize that this solution can take you to an entirely different mindset regarding your job. Maybe it’s time to take your work life in a new direction, Aries? But give any action time to percolate before you act. There are a few surprising things that still need to be discovered. Then, aha!!


Whatever you think about certain friends, be prepared to alter your long held views. They will surely surprise and delight you this week, Taurus. That is because you not only have an exceptionally inspirational way of having fun now, you also manage to gather the exact right group of pals and acquaintances to share these seminal experiences with you.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Whatever underlying issues you may have had with certain family members, be prepared to reassess them at this time, Gemini. Sometimes great advice comes from the most unexpected places and sources. Listen carefully and let their views waft in the air for a while. Then you will have all that you need to make your next big move. Heh, heh.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

There is so much newness around you to experience. So you will be forgiven for being a little spacey this week, Cancer, as you take it all in. If life has been a little boring, expect much more excitement and change now. Let the cosmos reveal its secrets to you. Take what you learn to the next level by broadening your horizons. Travel, study something magical or just meditate on it all.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Like, Love, Lust and every emotion in between hits you squarely in the heart this week, Leo. This is the time to sort out your feelings. It could be a wild ride where various people move in and out of your personal ecosystem. When everything settles down, you may find that you are in a better, more stable place. But in the meantime, hang on tight!


Balance is everything in life, Virgo, which is why you will need to find the right balance in certain relationships. If there are folks who seem to take too much and give too little, you can find ways of redistributing the effort in creative and almost inspirational ways. The solutions are there. You just need a moment of quiet to hear the whispers.


A fresh breeze wafts through your life. Libras will find many new ways of de-stressing all through the week. Will you try yoga? Meditation? Channeling? Or something else? Whatever you discover that makes your journey through life more spiritual and fulfilling, do it sooner than later. Life is too short to spend any time on unpleasant tasks. Learn to delegate them....


Expand your social net to include more creative and unusual types, Scorpio. Your circle of friends needs a bit of spice. It’s time to mix it up and make your life much more interesting. You can achieve this by joining new groups or organizations or participate in artistic enterprises. A spark can lead to a revelation. A revelation can lead to a masterpiece.


Your long term plans may be at odds with what your family wants and expects from you, Sagittarius. It may reach the decision phase ... but wait. Things are still evolving and there are a few aspects of your dreams that need a bit of working out. But soon enough, you will be ready for your next big life chapter. And it has to be your own decision.


As you set out to explore life beyond the strict confines of your immediate world, you will find amazing and wild ideas that can catapult you to your next big thing. So don’t be afraid of getting a little out of your comfort zone, Capricorn, and wandering into areas that have previously only been in your imagination. The world is your oyster. It is time to slurp it up.


Emotions may run high for you now, Aquarius. Embrace the opportunity to add a bit of drama and excitement in your life. Your value system may change. Things that you couldn’t give up before, suddenly seem unimportant. Other things that never mattered may now seem critical to your very happiness. That is this week. Wait and see what next week brings.


Give certain relationships time to readjust to your new normal, Pisces. You are undergoing an appraisal of who you want to be with and which relationships need to change. This is a time of creative thinking on your part. Take your morsels of genius and let them hover in the air while you make your decisions. Some things may be changing as you go. Life will be interesting.

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Void of Course Moons - September 2021

For those of you who track the void of course moons through the months, here is September 2021. Read more about the definition of the VOC and see how they can improve your timing. And as you get more involved in the rhythms and flows of the planet energies, I highly recommend: Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth. The author reveals the unvarnished truth about what it takes to consciously grow as a human being. As you read, you’ll learn the seven universal principles behind all successful growth and practical, insightful methods for improving your health, relationships, career, finances, and more.

A big thank you to amazing astrologer Felissa Rose for the charts.

                     September 2021 – MOON VOID OF COURSES


                                                                                     SIGN MOON ENTERS

VOID BEGINS                  VOID ENDS                                    AFTER VOID

Tue Aug 31 4:50 pm To Wed Sept 1 1:27 am                                  Moon enters Cancer

Fri Sept 3 1:39 am To 11:59 am                                                         Moon enters Leo

Sun Sept 5 10:23 AM To 7:07 pm                                                      Moon enters Virgo

Tue Sept 7 3:25 pm To 11:22 pm                                                      Moon enters Libra

Fri Sept 10 12:49 am To 2:06 AM                                                    Moon enters Scorpio

Sun Sept 12 1:34 am To 4:36 am                                                      Moon enters Sagittarius

Tue Sept 14 6:59 am To 7:35 am                                                       Moon enters Capricorn

Thu Sept 16 1:41 am To 11:24 am                                                      Moon enters Aquarius

Sat Sept 18 5:16 am To 4:24 pm                                                        Moon enters Pisces

Mon Sept 20 7:56 pm To 11:14 pm                                                    Moon enters Aries

Wed Sept 22 10:06 pm To Thu Sept 23 8:39 am                           Moon enters Taurus

Sat Sept 25 9:10 am To 8:38 pm                                                       Moon enters Gemini

Tue Sept 28 12:19 am To 9:35 am                                                     Moon enters Cancer

Thu Sept 30 10:50 am To 8:55 pm                                                    Moon enters Leo

You can also check the Void of Course Moon cycle by consulting an Ephemeris.

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