UFO Festival

I just found out about this annual UFO festival in Exeter, New Hampshire on September 3 and 4. Maybe next year?

PlanetsNorman Muscarello was hitchhiking back from his girlfriend’s house near Exeter, New Hampshire in the early morning of September 3, 1965, when he saw pulsating lights in the sky. The US Navy enlistee froze in his tracks beside the Dining family farm on rural Route 150 as the lights hovered overhead, disappeared, then returned in throbbing red bursts. “There was absolutely no sound, other than the fact that I heard horses in Dinings’ field raising holy hell, kicking the barn. Crickets just seemed to quit,” he recalled in a 1980 interview. Petrified, Muscarello ran across the street and hid. A few minutes later, the lights zoomed away, leaving the 18-year-old alone on the road.

The Incident at Exeter, as it’s now known, is the force behind the annual Exeter UFO Festival. Following a pandemic-fueled hiatus, the celebration is back for its 10th anniversary on September 3 and 4, 2022. The entire commercial district of Exeter—population 16,000, with a quaint downtown lined with historic architecture clustered along the Squamscott River—gets in on the action. The Town Hall hosts a variety of talks and other-wordly swag tables. There are costume contests, kids’ activities, and even trolley rides that transport you to the site where it all began.

What makes the Incident at Exeter such an enduring example of UFO phenomenon, Blumenthal says, is that multiple people observed it. After Muscarello reported the sighting to the police, he and two police officers, David Hunt and Eugene Bertrand Jr., returned to the scene, where they all witnessed it simultaneously. Earlier in the evening, a woman reported to Bertrand that she had been followed in her car on a nearby road by a large object in the sky with flashing red lights. Similar sightings in the region the following day have led to the Incident at Exeter becoming one of the best-documented UFO sightings in American history.

Christmas Star’ to Shine for First Time in 800 Years Because of Jupiter, Venus and Regulus

Christmas starBut it's 2020, so expect clouds. Astronomers are excited that Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together on Dec. 21 than they have since the Middle Ages. The alignment is known as the “Christmas Star” because of the star in the Bible that led the three Magi to baby Jesus. Astronomers believe a conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and the star Regulus around 2 B.C. created a bright point of light that could align science and Christian tradition. To see this year’s light show you’d better be quick: NASA warns that “both planets will set shortly after sunset.”

Whatever the stars portend, it should bring a monumentous 2021. Get ready to see it in the sky on December 21 which also happens to be the solstice....

Presidents Elected in Years Ending in 0

Curse of tippecanoeEver hear of the Curse of Tippecanoe? 

The name Curse of Tippecanoe (also known as Tecumseh's Curse, the Presidential Curse, Zero-Year Curse, the Twenty-Year Curse, or the Twenty-Year Presidential Jinx) is used to describe the death of Presidents of the United States in office while elected or re-elected in a year ending in "0".

Read more on this here:American Indian Myths & Mysteries

It is a strange coincidence that even Snopes will not dispute but every twenty years when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in an earth sign, the sitting President dies in office. The exception was Ronald Reagan who was elected during a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in an air sign (Libra) and was fortunate to survive an assassination attempt.

President               elected   died        Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

Harrison              1840        1841        Capricorn

Lincoln                1860        1865        Virgo

Garfield               1880        1881        Taurus

McKinley              1900        1901        Capricorn

Harding               1920        1923        Virgo

Roosevelt            1940        1945        Taurus

Kennedy             1960        1963        Capricorn

Reagan               1980        2004        Libra – not an earth sign

Bush                   2000    (This was a disputed election and experts say he was not the winner in 2000)

??                       2020                    Capricorn


My prediction does not suggest inevitability. Please go to the polls, vote and prove me wrong.

Are You Biologically Conservative ... Or Liberal?

This previous post is still very timely --

There is a study from the University of Nebraska that says that there is an organic, physiological difference between those who are politically liberal and those who are conservative. Omg

The results of their study suggest that people who startle easily to loud noises or threatening images have a biological predisposition to adopt conservative political positions on issues like gun control, gay marriage, abortion and immigration. Greater sensitivity to stimuli leads to a more defensive stance on political issues.

This study comes from the University of Nebraska and was based on what researchers saw at the Democratic and Republican conventions. The Republicans were waving banners and were much more viseral than the Democrats. "I was quite struck by watching the conventions by the different tones" said John Hibbing, a political scientist at U of N at Lincoln. The researchers hedge their bets by saying that physiology is not the only factor in forming political views - and it is far from the most important factor.

Maybe we should be more open to those with very different political views. Maybe these politically different folks are not really stupid or irrational. Maybe they are just more predisposed to worry about risk. Maybe? Maybe....? Nah!
Author George Lakoff analyzes the unconscious and rhetorical worldviews of liberals and conservatives, discovering radically different but remarkably consistent conceptions of morality on both the left and right -- read it here: Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think.

Ghosts and Politics - A Must See Event on October 6, 2020

GhostsAtlas Obscura is offering what appears to be a fascinating program on spiritualism and politics to be held virtually on October 6, 2020 at 7p eastern time.

Here is the blurb:

Atlas Obscura is excited to present a lively and intellectually vibrant presentation, with PEN Award-winning historian and occult scholar Mitch Horowitz, who will explore the little known historical ties between alternative spirituality and radical politics!

During this hour-long presentation, Mitch will dig into the connection between Spiritualism and the emergence of suffragism; the magickal system of hoodoo in the life of abolitionist hero Frederick Douglass; the trance medium who became America’s first female presidential candidate; the mind-power metaphysics of black nationalist pioneer Marcus Garvey; the socialist author behind “The Science of Getting Rich;” and more! Mitch unveils not only our shared secret history, but how occult figures and thought systems have shaped our response to the current moment. This is edge-of-your seat history—veritable and unknown.

Only $10. Order your tickets here.




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