Kama Sutra and Cookies?

Cookie sutra The Kama Sutra is the art of love and the rules of pleasure and sensuality. It elevates love making to higher levels, helping communication and ultimately achieving bliss. What better time of year than Valentines Day to consider the laws of the Kama Sutra in all aspects of our lives... even eating. Here is something that might make your desserts a little more Valentine Day sexy: 

Allow us to set the scene: it's Valentine's Day. You've set out candles, drawn the bubble bath, put on a little Sade. And now it's time to get it on...in the kitchen. We humbly suggest these cookie cutters, which conveniently resemble the acts that you're too gentlemanly to contemplate. We hear the wheelbarrow's surprisingly tasty.

A Love Potion In Time For Valentines Day?

Kisses February is the month of love... or maybe it's more lust. But whatever gets you going, take heart that there is something being developed that may smooth the path of love for any would-be lotharios. According to the Telegraph newspaper, a love spray being developed by United States scientists.
Part aromatherapy, part pure science, scientists are studying the brain chemistry responsible for the complex feelings that draw us to a particular person. The article says, in part: 
Animal testing is beginning to shed light on the complex neural and genetic components of love in the same way they have led to pharmaceutical therapies for anxiety, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorders. Drugs that manipulate brain systems to enhance or diminish our love for another may not be far away.
Experiments have already shown a nasal squirt of the hormone oxytocin enhances trust and tunes people into others' emotions. Studies are under way in Australia to determine whether an oxytocin spray might aid marital therapy. The hormone interacts with the reward and reinforcement system driven by the neuro-transmitter dopamine – the same circuitry that drugs such as nicotine, cocaine and heroine act on in humans to produce euphoria and addiction. Dopamine-related reward regions of the human brain are active in mothers viewing images of their child. Similar activation patterns are seen in people looking at photographs of their lovers.
So maybe you want to send your love interest a special bouquet this Valentine's Day? Ah if only florists could develop a flower that gives off the scent of oxytocin! While we wait for the scientists, here is an array of other love potions.


Solar prominences
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In addition to offering links to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes, the site has a dating section, zodiac compatibility, aromatherapy advice and even a chat component. It is very relationship oriented and I think you can find some answers to some love and sex questions. There are also a range of interesting articles on a variety of new age subjects. Check it out.

Are They Lying? How Can you Tell?

Roth As it turns out, we really can't tell when someone is lying. That is despite what we are lead to believe by such television programs as "Lie to Me". Apparantly according to the Washington Post, it is virtually impossible to know when someone is lying.

Brain studies actually show that lying is a natural response that does not cause any unusual brain patterns or activity and therefore cannot be measured accurately and consistently. So body language, hints of facial expressions and certain actions are simply unreliable. Oh dear.

Lie To Me is based on the entirely serious work of Paul Ekman, the famed psychologist and author, who sold Fox his professional life rights for the series and acts as its consultant. Ekman, 75, has spent more than four decades studying nonverbal communication and its sexy sidekick, truth detection. His firm runs seminars for people -- say, security staffers at airports -- who want to study his "micro-expression expression training tool" system to see who might actually be dangerous. Here's the kicker: You can't. "We've been testing people's ability to discern a lie for 15 years now and haven't noticed any real change over that time," he says in a telephone interview. "We've tested about 15,000 people in every profession you can think of -- CIA, judges, lawyers. Less than 1 percent are any good at it. Most people are only at about the level of flipping a coin." He writes: "Most liars can fool most of the people most of the time."

Even those folks who specialize in lie detection such as police or FBI interrogaters (and who are good at their jobs) are not good at detecting lies at home. Cops are good at detecting lies about crimes and therapists are good at detecting lies about emotions but in their personal lives they are clueless.

Read more about this fascinating area of research in the Washinton Post. And if you need a good guide to teach you how to "read" others, try these Books on Reading Facial Expressions

Top Ten Ways to Attract An Aries

The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Aries. Let's welcome Aries with its bold and brash energy and hope that it infuses our charts with extra oomph and nerve. We can ALL use a lift nowadays! The list here will get you started, if you need more help try Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment.


Aries are driven, bold, robust and very sexy but they don't go after just anybody. Here are ten ways to get their attention, win their hearts, get their sexual motor running and then wrap them around your finger ... or other body parts.


1. Get their attention by wearing bright and bold colors.

2. They love a challenge. Play a little hard to get .... once you get their attention.

3. Join them in their adventures and show a pioneering spirit. But let them lead.

4. Tell them they are the greatest. They think they are anyway!

5. Ask for their help. They love being the one to save the day.

6. Rub their heads in a sensual massage while they are in repose. It drives them crazy.

7. Don't be too clingy. Give them a little room to maneuver.

8. But don't come on too strong. They make the first move of there is no first move.

9. Celebrate with them and ramp up the energy.

10. They are not subtle souls so too many hints will go over their heads. Be honest, be forthright and be supportive of them.

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