Mood Music

They say music soothes the soul of the beast and now there is a place where you can freely download music that will soothe your soul, enhance your mood or make you more relaxed. As reported in Hadassah Magazine by Dina Kraft, Keinan Goichman is an Israeli internet entrepreneur, who works with music. He has developed a web site, www.i-dose.us, where users—for free—can listen to mood-altering or enhancing tracks of binaural beats.

Binaural beats work with the brain and provides rhythms for an energy boost or relaxation or stimulation of creative juices. Some beats seem to offer relief from pain. Each “dose” lasts for 15 minutes, the maximum amount of time it takes for the brain to adjust to the sound, and listeners are advised to wear earphones.

Here is an example of how the beats sound. Do they work for you?

“Even insomniacs put on their earphones and listen and within half an hour or even 20 minutes they are sleeping,” Goichman said. “I’m getting feedback from people all over the world, and everyone is skeptical at first but it works.”

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