DevaChan Spa, New York City

Despite all the cutsie references to aeronautics DevaChan Spa, located in Soho in New York City is a bonafide spa and has a spacious space, a quiet atmosphere and a relaxing millieu. It has a post modern decor when you first walk in that may seem stark to those who are used to cocoon like spa entrances but once you enter the massage areas you will find it comforting and relaxing.  They also offer yoga classes for those who like to combine their wellness regimes.

Spa candles Billed as a "Departure Lounge Spa" DevaChan is replete with refrences to air travel. I don't know why. I have never found an airline comfortable. Maybe if they were like DevaChan, I would fly more often.

Astrological Spa Services: Pedicure Customized to Your Horoscope Sign

What WILL they think of next? Gemini Nails and Makeup in Austin, Texas offers Astrological Pedicures. The website offers this explanation:

Under each and every Astrological Sign there are certain elements, plants, trees, minerals, and parts of the body that the signs are ruled under. I have researched these and formulated 12 special pedicures just for you.

Xpedi So, for example, if you are a Scorpio, your Decans are Integrity, Regeneration, Clarification and your pedicure is described as:

Enjoy a relaxing foot bath containing coconut milk and fresh cranberry juice. Scorpios need calcium for tissue repair and cranberry juice to fight Urinary Tract Infections. A warm and gentle sugar scrub is applied then gently rinsed to polish the legs and feet. A Reflexology massage is performed using Vitamin E oil on the feet that affect the regions of the sexual organs. The reproductive organs are the part of the body that govern a Scorpio and represents the life giving force.

Pedicures last up to 90 minutes and are priced at relatively bold $75. If I ever find myself in the Austin area, I am going to do my little piggies as Sagittarians!!

If anyone has had an astrological pedicure, or know of other astrological spa services, please send them on and share your experience.
Learn more about reflexology: Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology and Reflexology: Health at your Fingertips.

Carp Fish Pedicures Declared Unhealthy and Illegal by Washington State

Pedifish I saw this headline and thought: It's about time someone speaks out on behalf of those poor carp. My interpretation of the headline was wrong -- but let me start this story at the beginning.

Fish pedicures, popular in Turkey and other Asian countries for some time, only recently made a big splash here in the United States. Customers soak their feet in tubs of water where hungry (toothless) flesh-loving carp gently nibble away the dead skin. The skin is left feeling soft and callus free without the use and hazards of razors. This novelty treatment has been well received in spas around the country. Customers describe the process as of a bit tickling sensation, they like the results. Spas like the customer response and have been considering extending the process to offer a full body sloughing.

A Washington salon owner, Tuyet Bui of Peridot Nail Salon in Kent, was inspired by a Today show segment to introduce this new fad service in her salon. It took Bui some time to locate and import the special fish, doctor fish, from China -- 300 at a cost of $3,000. She started offering the service several weeks ago.

But today there is news that the Washington State Department of Licensing notified the salon to stop offering the treatment, declaring that it is illegal. It seems they have determined that the procedure is unsanitary as there is no way to know "that the fish aren't carrying something from a previous customer." Will other states move to ban this increasingly popular treatment? Who knows, but if you wish to give it a try, you may want to make your appointment soon.

And what about the fish? I guess no one is concerned that they may be dining on feet that aren't sanitary. . .

The Silk Day Spa

Reflexbk Run, don't walk, to the Silk Day Spa on 47 West 13th Street in New York City. And after you run there, rest your weary feel with a Asian influenced treatment.

My generous friends gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure and I redeemed it this morning. The spa is downstairs and very quiet. After you change into your robe, you enter a quiet and serene waiting area. Salt lamps with candles light your way and there are little snacks and water as you wait. The pedicure had everything - a salt rub, creams, hot wax and reflexology. I floated out of there and went home to take a nap.

The Silk Day Spa has a range of services - all sorts of massages and facials too. Worth a restful visit.

I recommend Reflexology, a fully illustrated guide that features step-by-step sequences and incredible photography, an invaluable guide for home users or reflexology students.

Spa Week is April 14-20. Slough Off Winter, Get a Spring Rejuvenation

SpafaceIn recognition of Spa Week, many spas are offering $50 treatments for the week of April 14-20, 2008. What a deal! Go to this site, select your location and you will get a listing of all the participating spas and their special offerings -- in Manhattan there are approximately 100 spas taking part. For example, The Red Door Spa on Fifth Avenue has a choice of a 50 minute body melt, a 50 minute facial or a 50 minute pedicure. Other spas offer services ranging from a salt scrub, to a body polish with spray tan, to a detoxifying seaweed wrap. Take a look, you're sure to find a service to entice you.

If you're not a spa regular, you may not be sure of what to expect, what to wear, how much to tip and other issues. This may may make you hesitant to go to a spa or distract you from fully enjoying your visit. Watch this video for answers to these questions and then make an appointment. $50 is a pretty steep discount on many spa services. It's a great opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a spa treatment.
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