I’m a Virgo

Amazon ordered to series a dark comedy titled, “I’m a Virgo,” from “Sorry to Bother You” scribe/director Boots Riley. Jharrel Jerome (“When They See Us”) stars in the series, the coming of age tale of 13-foot-tall Black man who lives in Oakland, CA, which is a co-production between “The Morning Show” producer Media Res and Amazon Studios.


I am not sure this has any astrological content but I do like the title.

Paranormal Shows on A&E

GhostsGet ready for a slew of paranormal shows on A&E Network---
A&E Network greenlit five paranormal-focused shows, including a revival of Ghost Hunters, which returns Wednesday, August 21 at 9p, followed at 10p by a reimagined version of A+E’s Psychic KidsCelebrity Ghost Stories, new series Trey the Texas Medium (wt) and two-hour special World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt (wt) will premiere this fall. “A&E has been on the forefront of programming in the paranormal space and with that success, we have been eager to bring the genre back to the network for some time,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and Head of Programming. “

Game of Thrones Tarot Deck

For the true fan of Game of Thrones, there is the GOT tarot deck. Get ready for the premiere of the final season and, when using this deck, you might predict the outcome!

Buy This: A Beautiful New ‘Game of Thrones’ Tarot Deck

See if the future remains uncertain for our heroes on HBO's 'Game of Thrones.'

While the world waits with bated breath for season eight of HBO’s Game of Thrones (more like panicked withdrawal, if we’re being honest), we’re thankful to have the new Game of Thrones Tarot to pass the time. George R. R. Martin’s fantastical world of dragons, White Walkers, and magicians comes to life in the Liz Dean-authored and Craig Coss-illustrated deck. It’s a real beauty, too.

“Archetypes are the foundation of every great tale — and Game of Thrones is an outstanding story, a rich weave … From the icy landscapes beyond the Wall to the hot deserts of Dorne, the world of Game of Thrones is replete with symbolism: an abundant source for a new tarot deck,” Dean said of the cards.

Every character is represented here, including our favorite shapeshifting Thronesian, Arya Stark — as the Death card, natch. Perhaps we can use these cards to predict the future of our players as the Seven Kingdoms unite — or as many as Jon Snow can convince, anyway — and defend themselves against the evil Night King.

Since the last and final season of Game of Thrones doesn’t debut until 2019, you’ll have plenty of time to practice the art of tarot with Chronicle Books’ beautifully illustrated deck. It even comes with a hardcover booklet to guide you.


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Cell Block Psychic

For those interested in crime solving psychics (as I am...) you might be interested in tuning in to see a new Investigation Discovery limited series called Cell Block Psychics starting this Monday, April 21, 2014 at 9p. Here is the blurb:

For years, the host, a crime psychic medium, has closed cold cases and helped solve high profile investigations. Now she’s meeting with the most notorious murderers and delivering messages from the victims they killed in order to answer unanswered questions. Vicki Monroe is the CELL BLOCK PSYCHIC who will help to bring closure to suffering families.

Three-parter Cell Block Psychic aims to bring closure to grieving families by tasking Vicki Monroe with communicating with the dead, as well as convicted killers, to piece together what happened during deadly crimes. Investigation Discovery series premieres Monday, April 21 at 9p.

About Vicki

Vicki Monroe is a self described psychic, author, radio, cold case file and paranormal investigator. Vicki has been seeing, hearing, and speaking with spirits since the age of 3. She is considered one of the best Spirit Messengers in the world today. It is her hope to bring peace of mind, understanding, and reassurance that life is never ending, and she does this through her many lectures, tours, book signings, personal, group, and event bookings. You can connect with her at:

Twitter: @vicki1spirit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpiritVicki

Site: http://vickimonroe.com/


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