Centre for Psychological Astrology Webinars are Back

I just received this announcement from the Centre for Psychological Astrology, based in London.They just announced that their webinars are back so no matter where you live, you can participate:

CPA/MISPA Autumn 2023 Webinars
Our Autumn 2023 webinars start on 29th October - take a look at the full details and book now at https://cpalondon.com/book/webinars/.
Our webinars are real-time, online seminars in psychological astrology. You are able to interact with the tutor and other students as the session happens via a chat box. Experience a CPA/MISPA seminar live from anywhere in the world through your computer browser or app. If you can't make it live you can still book and receive four weeks access to the recording of the event afterwards.

Safron Rossi
Soul Making and the Sky Within: James Hillman and the Archetypal Psyche
Sunday 29th Oct 2023 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

James Hillman’s writings provide an invaluable foundation for understanding the bridge between psychology and astrology. His theoretical frame and mythopoetic perspective grounds us in the archetypal psyche, offering rich roots for our astrological art. In this webinar we will explore the fertile possibilities by introducing the four movements--personifying, psychologizing, pathologizing, dehumanizing--of Hillman’s groundbreaking opus Re-Visioning Psychology (1974) and their significance to an archetypal and psychological astrology. In this webinar we will wed ideas to experience and engage in contemplative writing exercises so to explore these soul movements in our charts and lives. 
(Parts of this talk were presented at UAC 2018 entitled “Planetary Interiority: Hillman and the Archetypal Psyche.”)

Shawn Nygaard
Another Look at Chiron & the Archetypal Wound
Sunday 5th Nov 2022 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

Late in his life, Carl Jung noted that, “The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not?”
From the vantage point of this question and the backdrop of the infinite, this webinar looks at the mythology and astrology of the centaur Chiron – the Wounded Healer – with fresh eyes. Chiron’s placement in our charts by sign, by house, and by aspect with other planets reveals a specific kind of wounding felt on deeply personal and individual levels. Yet, as a mythic figure, Chiron represents something archetypal in nature. His story is an archetypal story. His wound is an archetypal wound. What is the nature of this archetypal wound?
The first part of this webinar looks at the mythology of Chiron, from his role as a teacher of the Heroes and his famous wounding, to his quest to heal and his final resting place among the stars – all from an archetypal perspective. The second part uses chart examples to explore Chiron’s wound further, and to speculate on why Jung placed such importance on our relationship with the infinite.

Darby Costello
When there are two sign rulers: What to do?
Sunday 12th Nov 2023 - 15.30-18.00 GMT

Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces are each dual-ruled signs. How do we describe the energy of planets in these signs to our clients and ourselves? We shall explore how to help ourselves and others to navigate the worlds reflected by these signs, considering the very different dimensions each sign must attend.

John Green
Pluto in Aquarius – Utopia or Dystopia?
Sunday 3rd Dec 2023 - 15.30-16.45 GMT

Much has been written recently regarding the time Pluto will spend in Aquarius some profoundly positive, some very negative. In this talk John looks into the black mirror at the very nature of Pluto and the sign Aquarius to try and unpick what we can realistically expect of its time there.

One hour talk followed by short Q&A session.

See all the full details and book at: https://cpalondon.com/book/webinars/.

Previous webinars are available to view on demand here: https://www.mercuryinternetschool.com/video/.

Colors For the Day You Were Born

I have heard that in Thailand, the day of your birth has a very specific color. To improve your luck through the year, you should wear your "birth color" on your birthday every year. The King was born on a Monday and the entire country, as a sign of respect and love, will be wearing yellow shirts on his birthday.

Here are the days and their colors for handy reference:

Sunday - Red

Monday - Yellow

Tuesday - Pink

Wednesday - Green

Thursday - Orange

Friday - Blue

Saturday - Purple

The Haunted Highway in Florida

Called the I-4 dead zone, this stretch of highway in Sanford, Florida was the site of settler graves that have been callously destroyed by the state. The result has been a series of unexplained accidents and occurrences.There are other haunted highways in the U.S. and here is a story of one in Orlando from Atlas Obscura:

Every day thousands of drivers pass over this unassuming stretch of highway on their commutes, unaware of the dark history that lies beneath them. The quarter-mile stretch of Interstate-4 in Sanford, Florida is said to be one of the most haunted highways in America. 

Just north of Orlando, the highway passes over Lake Monroe. In the 1870s, the real estate tycoon Henry Sanford marketed the southern shore of the lake to new immigrants and potential citrus farmers. He sold 640 acres to a group of German immigrants, who founded St. Joseph’s Catholic Colony at the site.

Conditions were difficult and rampant disease hampered any chance of success for the colony. A particularly devastating outbreak of Yellow Fever in 1887 sealed the fate of St Joseph’s, and the surviving settlers buried their dead in the woods and left the failed colony behind. The land changed hands several times, eventually becoming part of the city of Sanford. 

Over the years, the story of St. Joseph’s became a local legend—it was said that deadly consequences were in store for anyone who tampered with the gravesite. Locals say a farmer’s house burned down after he removed the grave markers, and a child was run over by a drunk driver after he dug at the site. Enough strange activity occurred in the area that it earned the nickname “Field of the Dead.”

When Florida began buying up land for the construction of a new highway, the field was sold to the state. While the graves were initially marked for relocation, they were either forgotten or deemed unimportant and were paved over. Soon after, Hurricane Donna unexpectedly changed course towards Sanford, passing over the gravesite on September 10, 1960 and leaving a wake of devastation in her path.

It was one of many strange occurrences at the former site of St. Joseph’s Colony. Drivers taking I-4 over Lake Monroe have reported strange interference on their radios, and some claim to have seen ghostly apparitions on the road. Some long haul truckers have claimed that their CB radios blast with static while driving over the stretch of highway. This section of I-4 is extremely prone to deadly car accidents, and has gained the grim nickname of the “I-4 Dead Zone.” 

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, if you drive on this stretch of I-4 please use caution and make sure to look twice before changing lanes—you might just see something that you did not expect to be there.

Know Before You Go

I-4 spans above the actual St. Joseph's site, which is accessible off of US-17/92. The land is owned by the state and it is not advisable to enter. The site can also be viewed by water on the St. John's River.


The Occult Museum

Occult museumNow this is something I would want to see, thanks to Atlas Obscura. It is the Occult Museum .

This museum is located in Monroe, Connecticut and the creators of the museum, Ed and Lorraine Warren, are buried nearby. The Warrens were some of the prolific paranormal investigators in American history. Their real escapades inspired one of the highest grossing fictional horror franchises, The Conjuring Universe. The pair of devout Catholics also ran the Occult Museum for many years.

Ed claimed to be a demonologist, while his wife Lorraine was a self-professed medium a clairvoyant. Together, they traveled the country, investigating infamous cases such as the Enfield poltergeist, an alleged instance of possession that formed the basis for The Conjuring 2, and Amityville Horror, a prominent 1975 case in which a couple claimed that a demonic presence haunted their home, and a 1968 case of a haunted Raggedy Ann that inspired the cinematic murder doll, Annabelle. 

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