Baltimore Astrology Society

Signs The Baltimore Astrology Society hosts a wonderful website and resource center for astrologers and those interested in learning more about astrology. The site offers a list of aastrologically related events, an up to date ephemeris, classes offered and thought provoking articles on the subject.

It is never too early or too late to learn more about astrology. And there are many different types of astrology disciplines out there. Here is a list of books that offer an Introduction to All Types of Astrology

Political Astrology Blog

Presidential candidates 2012 If you are interested in astrology and politics and want a great resource for politician's horoscope and birth information, bookmark the terrific Political Astrology Blog.

This blog has everything you need to either cast your own horoscope for a certain politician or read up on someone else's interpretation.

Most important is the great database on Presidential Candidates birth times. It is somewhat easier to find a candidate's birthday and year and place of birth but to cast an accurate horoscope you also need birth time. And this is quite a bit more difficult to locate. Now it is all in one place! Check out this blog often!!

Astroair Astrology by Mandi Lockley

Planets Billed as a blog of uplifting astrology for downshifting times, Astroair is a unique take on astrology. Posts have quotes from famous folk that apply to a certain astrological postion which I think gives a great perspective on what to expect from a certain transit or placement.

Mandi is a professionally trained astrologer. She studied at The London School of Astrology for over three years and gained the school’s Certificate in 2005. She is committed to self development - emotionally, spiritually and intellectually - and believe in doing her best to live her life true to herself and her life purpose, in service to others and in harmony with the cycles of the universe. Sun Capricorn, Moon Aquarius, Gemini Rising

Bravo Mandi. Great blog.

Astrological Investing Blog

Marley and Kaye have a great astrology blog called Astrological Investing which is linked to their website. The blog is very well written and offers visitors easy to access transit calendars, articles onastrological investing, Saturn returns and other planetary placements.  The website has great introductory articles for those who want to know more about financial astrology.

Well worth the visit.

Online Christian Colleges Rank Astrology Blogs

Planets I have to admit that I was surprised to see "The 50 Best Astrology Blogs" posted on a site called Online Christian Colleges. Often deeply religious people deem astrology and the new age to be unsuitable outlets. And yet I have written about scholars who say that the three wise men in the New Testament were astrologers who followed an astrological event to predict that a King would be born and would change the world. And so, as with every field of human endeavor, two sides of any argument is possible.

Karen Anderson, who compiled the list, explains its inclusion on her blog as such:

Astrologers turn to the skies in order to glean the happenings of the universe. They look at everything from when to cut their hair to the impact of massive global events from a filter constructed of stars, planets, and other cosmic elements. Many who approach the subject see it as pure entertainment, while others find comfort and structure in concepts that make sense and speak to their spiritual needs. As always, it is up to readers to decide which route they elect to take to discover who they are as a person and as a facet of the universe itself.

Other blog rankers use metrics to judge ranks but I am not sure what methodology was used to rank these blogs since the rankers are very different from other more established rankers such as Best Astrology Sites, and Best Astrology Blogs . Could this ranker be based on blind faith?

Where does Madam Lichtenstein's Cosmic World rank among the fifty? 48th. Other rankers using standard metrics place my blog much higher - often within the top 15. So use this Online Christian Colleges list with caution.

Despite where you rank in the blogosphere, learning about astrology can help you make better decisions. Here is my favorite book on astrology and a "must" for anyone interested in learning more: Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You and here's a guide to the best books available this month.