LED Yoga Mat Helps Guide Us to Better Yoga Positions

Led yogaI take classes in yoga but often I try to do it myself. It is nice to know that there may be a way to improve my home-based yoga positons with the use of a new mat with LED lighting. The design firm called LUNAR developed an interactive exercise mat called TERA, which aims to redesign how people engage in fitness activities in their home.

TERA is a modern carpet that can transform into a high-tech exercise equipment. The carpet turns into an interactive exercise mat, and, according to the press release, the circular shape of the exercise mat is “designed to accommodate the natural radius of human motion, making transitions between poses and keeping up the flow of the practice easier.” The mat has an intelligent surface that can recognize movement patterns and activate a specially-developed app that leads the user through an interactive training session.

The circular mat works with the app and an LED lighting system built into its surface to become an exercise guide for its owner. The TERA app guides the user through exercises like stretching exercises, yoga, pilates, capoeira, Thai bo and more, and includes different levels of difficulty for each type of exercise. Sensors embedded in the mat register any pressure exerted by the user on the interactive mat to allow it to detect the user’s body and weight shifts. The sensors record the data for analysis by the app and users can share their training data on their social media networks.

The mat is made of environment-friendly, wear- and slip-resistant shear wool developed by Kvadrat, a Danish premium manufacturer of design textiles. The modern circular design of the mat allows it to blend seamlessly into a contemporary home space when it’s not being used.

TERA is part of a series of home exercise design concepts created by LUNAR Europe. The series includes the VELA cycle trainer, which transforms from a workout tool to an interesting contemporary sculpture, and the NOVA climbing wall, which consists of panels with cut-outs that create visually integrated climbing holds instead of the usual climbing holds that jut out of the wall.

The TERA interactive mat was first presented at Germany’s largest design event, the Munich Creative Business Week in February.


Ring Tone Therapy

Smell cell phone Ring tone therapy is becoming all the rage in Japan which is on the cutting edge of cell phone usage. A company called Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory claims that they are developing a series of ring tones that will help hay fever sufferers and even those who are overweight.

The Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory is led by Matsumi Suzuki, an expert in voiceprint technology. To use these so-called "therapeutic" ring tones all you have to do is to wait for a call from your mobile phone. For hay fever sufferers, the sound of the ring tone is supposed to dislodge pollen if the user holds the handset up to their nose. Another therapeutic ring tone is for those trying to lose weight.

While this is all very interesting, it is not totally proven out. However just for fun, I like Lab's  astrological rings tones. The Lab offers a range specially tailored for the needs of people with different astrology star signs, such as one for Taurus, the bull, complete with mooing.

As for me, I will try my luck with all sorts of ring tones to see what works for what.

Synthetic Telepathy

Telepathy I have heard about mental telepathy and believe that some people may have this intuitive streak. And then I read about synthetic telepathy which is a type of computer programming that enables machines to think and "feel". Of course "feel' would be like a series a pre-programmed responses ... errr... I think.

According to a Futurist Magazine article earlier this year, there is a group a brilliant scientists and programmers who are trying to create a computer that feels on an emotional level. David Poeppel is a neuroscientist who is considered to be a master of synthetic techonolgy. He says all mental thoughts create an electronic signal that can be then transferred to a computer. The communication between a human brain and a computer could become telepathic commuication between human and machine.

I wonder what would happen if someone with psychic abilities was hooked into the computer in this way. Would the computer be able to better predict the future using these mental electronic signals coupled with computer-based strategic algorithims? I wonder...!!!

There are many good books on this interesting subject. Check out these Synthetic Telepathy Books

Apple iPhone App - Ocarina

The Apple iPhone has many applications but one new one is especially new age. It's called Ocarina, named after the ancient clay wind instrument.

Ocarina Here is how it works:  Once you install and open this program, your iPhone's screen displays four colored circles of different sizes. These are the "holes" that you cover with your fingers, as you would the holes on a flute. Then you blow into the microphone hole at the bottom of the iPhone, and presto: the haunting, expressive, beautiful sound of a wind instrument comes from the iPhone speaker. Different combinations of fingers on those four "holes" produce the different notes of the scale. (You can change the key in Preferences--a first on a cellphone.) Tilting the phone up or down controls the vibrato.

You can check out the software company's Web site, Smule.com, for extra bits of information including sheet-music pages that show you how to play well-known songs on Ocarina.

It appears to be an amazing app that has many unique features. If you tap the little globe at the bottom of the screen, the screen changes to a map of the world--and you start hearing the Ocarina performance of one person, in one city (indicated by animated sound waves on the map), who's playing the thing *right now*. Sometimes it's the halting fumbles of a rank beginner; sometimes it's a lovely melody played by someone who's got the hang of it. You can hit a Next button to tune in to another stranger, and another, all around the world.

It's a brain-frying experience to know that you're listening to someone else playing Ocarina, right now, in real time, somewhere else on the planet. (And then you realize that someone, somewhere might be listening to *you*!) It creates a world wide musical experience.

Bravo Apple, Smule and Ocarina!!
To help you make music, here's a songbook: 101 Songs for the Ocarina. If you don't have an iPhone you can still have fun with this "real" 12 Hole Ocarina From Legend of Zelda .