The 2009 Mets: A Year Of Misery, Injury, And Instability
With Bay in Fold, What is Omar's Next Move?

Minayas Patience Pays off As He Ropes in Bay

Flushing, New York-- The Mets made a firm offer to Jason Bay a few weeks ago and then were forced to play a waiting game while the free agent leftfielder anticipated a 5 year deal that would trump Omar Minaya's 4 year proposal. That offer never materialized from other suitors and Minaya's patience finally paid off when the San Francisco Giants turned their attention to Mark DaRosa. So, Bay will get a 4 year $66 million deal from the Mets which is slightly higher than the 4 year $60 million offer he received from the Red Sox earlier in the year.

This will also severely hurt Matt Holliday and his agent Scott Boras who now seem to only have a deal from the St.Louis Cardinals which he will more than likely have to accept. That deal will be higher than Bay's contract but far below the "Mark Teixiera type-money" Boras envisioned for his client.

As for the other free agent the Mets have targeted, Bengie Molina--he is in a similar predicament that Bay was in. He wants a 3 year deal but now might be willing to entertain less because the Mets have not upped their original offer of one year plus an option. And no other teams have shown the interest in the veteran catcher that the Mets have shown in him. My guess here is both camps will agree on a 2 year deal because it is an effective compromise for both parties.

The Bay deal will become official after a physical is taken and the formal announcement should take place after the New Year.

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