Despite Injuries Met Determined To Keep Winning
Conversation With Daniel Murphy After Subway Series

Matt Harvey Is The Toast Of The Town


Make no mistake New York City--Matt Harvey has become the biggest sports star in this town and proved it on a stage like Yankee Stadium which Met fans transformed into CitiField North on a Saturday afternoon where he dominated from start to finish.

He threw 8.2 innings of 5 hit ball but more importantly showed New York that the Mets are ready to take this town over. Sure the Rangers and Islanders are in playoff runs and so are the Brooklyn Nets (remember them) and the Jets have built an impressive off-season resume but this town is turning Met crazy because of the righthanded arm of Matt Harvey.

I have lived in NY for over 5 decades and have seen Met pitchers do this in the past. Ther names were Tom Seaver and Doc Gooden and to me I feel like I am in an echo chamber. This is a guy who brings 4 pitches to the mound and is not afraid to throw them at anytime. Even Alex Rodriguez commented after the game when asked about Harvey that he comes off as advertised.

But more than that he has brought a bravado and confidence to an organization that badly needed it. The Mets had won 11 in a row but were beat by the Yankees on Friday night and Harvey knew he had to have an immediate answer for that.

The Mets are now 14-4--the best record in baseball and lead the NL East by 5 games over the Braves and 7 games over the Washington Nationals. Now don't get me wrong--it is still very early but hot starts give you a cushion when times get tough like they always do in a baseball season.

Back to my original point--Matt Harvey is one of the big reasons for that and his it factor is painfully obvious to the opposing teams especially the New York Yankees who must feel like the town is slipping away as it did in the mid 80's. A win tomorrow night could cement that notion but remember this cool April afternoon in the Bronx as the day the Mets took over New York with Matt Harvey driving that bus leaving the New York Yankees behind as a flyspeck in their rear view mirror.


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