Sandy Alderson Talks About Met Injuries
Matt Harvey Is The Toast Of The Town

Despite Injuries Met Determined To Keep Winning




In many ways, it was a strange week for the Mets. They have continued to win--in fact no Met team has ever started the season better than 10-3. They chased the Marlins out of town 7 games behind them in the early season standings and remain 1.5 games ahead of the second place Braves.

But injuries are starting to mount as both Travis d'arnaud and Jerry Blevins suffered fractures yesterday putting them each out of action for at least 6 weeks. In many ways, this will test the Mets depth which many experts feel was much deeper in 2015 than in years past. Certainly, that was tested in the early going this season as the Mets have lost many other players to various injuries as well.

The interesting part about all of this is that adversity has motivated this team in a bizarre way. Talking to many of the Mets they are determined to be a playoff time and injuries are just a speed bump which might make things harder.

"Nobody wants to see anyone hurt but we are all in this room for one goal-make the playoffs and that goal will NEVER change", said Met catcher Anthony Recker. And you walk around this locker room and you feel that vibe-concern for their injured teammates but one singular purpose. That's why you see injured players in clubhouse helping the guys who are filling in for them.

Think about the negativity around the Mets in past few years-or just take a stroll on Met Twitter--and understand that this organization is tired of hearing all of that. You talk to these guys one on one and they understand the negativity but will not feed into it. And that positive energy is alive and well in CitiField both on the field and in the stands.

Sure--it is rough to see injuries to players who are red-hot like d'arnaud but with injury comes opportunity and all you Met Tweeters who criticized Sandy Alderson for not trading his prospects for major league talent may want to re-think that viewpoint.

The depth in this organization is real and will show the baseball world that these young players are not only talented but have been coached into a winning mindset. A mindset that won't let a few injuries stand in the way of taking over this city.




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