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April 2016

Cespedes Off To A Rough But No Need To Worry

We live in a what have you done for me lately world and one in which Twitter seems to try to manage the way people should evaluate the sport of baseball. Yoenis Cespedes is off to a rough start and heard displeasure from the fans on a cold night at CItiField .

After the game he took it in stride which is the proper way to handle it. There are some things he can get better at like laying off sliders in 2-0 and 3-1 counts. But Cespedes has proven he is a legitimate RBI machine and a player who can carry a team for weeks as shown last year. I have covered this team since 1984 and I have seen all of the great Met power bats booed by the fans. From Gary Carter to Darryl Strawberry to Mike Piazza to Carlos Beltran to  David Wright they have all heard it and not one of them let it affect them.

To me, Cespedes fits in the mold of those players and will be fine but what would New York Sports be without overreacting? This Met team has an offensive lineup that is pretty balanced and will put up runs. Early in the season, the edge goes to the pitchers and with cold weather like tonight, that edge only grows.

To forget what Yoenis Cespedes did for the Mets last year is mind boggling but it is the persona of The N Y Baseball Fan and that will never change.  He heard very little of it last year but playing a full season here, a chorus of boos will always occur sometime during the year. To do it 4 games into the season is a bit crazy but I assure you those jeers will change to cheers in short order.

The back of his baseball card is all I need to know that. This guy will put up 90-100 RBI's as long as he remains healthy and you can take that to the bank Met fans. You all desperately wanted him to return and rejoiced when he did. 4 games is much too small a sample size. But again I totally understand in a twitter world you are taught to follow the notion of being so negative you'd complain if you hit the lottery because NOW you have to pay taxes.

It is the world we live in but sometimes that world makes absolutely no sense to me. The baseball season is a marathon not a sprint and Yoenis Cespedes is a necessary resource if you are to win that marathon. This season, he will prove that hundreds of times.