2022 Season

Keep the Faith

After this weekend Mets are very disappointed no doubt but you must give credit to the Braves--Since June 1 they played better than any team in baseball.

Being in wild card round not how Mets envisioned it, but you are in playoff party. It still could be Phils but will likely be the Padres who will be tough as the ace pitchers on both teams are outstanding. Fans are angry and I understand that, but this team has to dust themselves off and get reinspired because the season is not over. The road is tougher no doubt but 3 home games at Citi which you must win 2 of them to advance to NLDS s not impossible. Keep the faith.

Be Optimistic!

It has been a tough weekend in Atlanta Met fans, but your team needs you far more in the rough moments than when things are going great. --2 days before my triple bypass I thought my life was ending but 6 months later I am alive-things can get better & the sky is always darkest right before dawn.

Mets Mind Boggle

Aaron Judge has 20 more homers than Pete Alonso but 1 less RBI--How is that possible? Bottom line is Lindor, and McNeil have been better buffers for Pete than Stanton and Rizzo. Judge not to blame here--his season is tops but the entire middle of Met order is top of the charts--20 less homers by Pete but 1 more RBI--that is mind boggling

Mets Win!

Huge met win last night coupled with Braves loss gives them a 1 game lead in the NL East as they head to Atlanta . Once the Mets win 1 of these 3 games they clinch tiebreaker which is big. Cause even if they lose 2 of 3 they still have destiny in their own hands heading home for the last 3 games of the regular season. They can clinch NL East if they sweep the Braves this weekend

NL in a Nutshell

NL East in a nutshell:  Mets have played 1 more gam than the Braves that evens up after tonight's game in DC--Let's say Braves win--lead is down to 1 game--Let's assume Mets sweep MIA and Braves sweep Nats--that means 1 game up and once Mets win 1 in Atlanta they get tiebreaker so 2 of 3 Met wins would give Mets 2 game lead (3 when u account for tiebreaker) with 3 games left after Brave series for both teams.
Another interesting sidenote is Sandy Alcantra is slated to pitch in that final game of the season--Braves/Marlins--could be interesting if that game means something.
Bottom line this is still very much in Met hands--they lead the division and need to take care of business--and losing 2 of 3 in Alanta is not necessarily a disaster cause of tiebreaker scenario but winning 2 of 3 would likely for all intents and purposes pretty much give the Mets the division.

Let's Go Mets!

Congrats to the Mets for earning a playoff spot and nice first step as the division which they lead by 1 game with 13 to play. A great first step to where the Mets want to go. How will this season end? My sense is Mets win division, beat Cards in NLDS, beat Dodgers in NLCS, and beat Yankees in World Series. Last out will be Edwin Diaz striking out Aaron Judge.

Keep Your Mets Side Up!

I know Met fans are upset today and rightfully so as a Cub sweep is inexcusable.  But here's the playoff match
Magic number of  7 to earn a playoff berth. Now we all know division is more desirable.  If the Mets win just 1 of 3 on that series in Atlanta they clinch tiebreaker meaning in the event of a tie the Mets earn the division title. So the idea is to leave Atlanta with a 3 game lead once that series ends which would clinch it with 3 games left in season.
So get a win tonight  push lead to 1 game and get it to at least a 2 game lead prior to Brave series.
So Met fans keep your head up as this division still very much in Met hands. Take a deep breath and get ready for a great October

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