Lefty Sign Up For Mets
Mets 2023

2023 Mets

Clearly Mets have more to do but when I look at NL East Mets have best closer, top HR Hitter and best Batting Average guy and best overall SS as well as best 1-2-3 starting pitching rotation in NL East. Senga and Nimmo could widen that and BP bridges to Diaz need to be obtained. Throw in Met farm system getting better each year. We all know Alvarez, Vientos and Baty are solid but hidden gem could be Mauricio. Mets plan of overpaying a bit to get shorter term contracts in terms of years makes total sense. The Mets went for 2 years on Verlander and Quintana as opposed to longer terms with deGrom and Walker. And next season as both Ohtani and Darvish could be FA's do not think for a minute a Senga signing won't help with the recruitment of those players. All of this fits in what Cohen keeps saying: Building a short term success with $ allows the farm system to develop at the right pace and that will breed long term success. You can do both and Mets are proving that. Yes the playoff loss to Padres was a punch in the gut but a 101 win season is not done without proper roster construction. Like the Braves and Nationals can tell you (The Dodgers too) you keep getting to the playoffs year after year and your time will come. So much in a short series can occur and that is what makes this sport great but you keep plugging away and you will get to the promised land. That is exactly what Steve Cohen and the Mets are doing.


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