Rich Coutinho Talks New York Sports

Welcome to New York Sports - the blog that talks about everything having to do with sports in New York. I am Rich Coutinho, a sports reporter and avid fan.

Life takes you on some interesting journeys and for me my sports reporting career has carried me full circle.  After graduating from Fordham University in 1982, I got some freelance work at various radio outlets but quickly branched off into an Ad Sales career in cable television working at such networks as Lifetime, Discovery, Bloomberg, Bravo, and IFC.  It was a rewarding and challenging time but I always kept my hand in sports reporting especially with the advent of sports talk radio.  In 2008, I had the opportunity to be the Mets beat reporter for 1050 ESPN provided I could get a sponsor to bank roll the travel budget.  So, I used my Ad Sales experience to get that done and I have, for the last year and a half, raised my profile so high that I am now a key contributor to the best sports network in the world.  Life lesson here is follow your dreams and keep running for the goal line.  If your heart and your soul is strong enough, your legs will get you there.
My articles and podcasts will appear here on an ongoing basis. I look forward to your insights and commentary.

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