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A Moment of Silence for the Tuesday Primetime Lineup

A moment of silence for what was broadcast TV on a Tuesday night.

Tonight one can take their pick of Big Brother 11 (because they just couldn't stop at 10), the Biggest Loser (which is not a reality show about the person who watches), More to Love (a show that would be cancelled out by the Biggest Loser if they did a spinoff show like the Real World/Road Rules challenge) Shaq vs. Phelps (insert LOL here).

Now let me take you back, back in time.

Laverne & Shirlet 1980s: Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Too Close for Comfort, Hart to Hart, White Shaddow, BJ and the Bear and usually a movie you didn't have to pay $5 to see.

1990s: Started the decade with shows like The Wonder Years and Thirtysomething.  How about a Thirtysomething reunion people?  We could call it Fiftysomething.  But God, I do miss The Wonder Years.

Million 2000s: I had hope in the beginning.  Spin City, 24, Ally McBeal, 7th Heaven, Will & Grace.  Then came Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire and I was reminded how much I loved going to Blockbuster and looking over the counter to see what was returned.

Props to my DVR.  You never let me down.  I couldn't watch Mad Men on Sunday because of the VMAs, so I'm doing it now.

And sewing the letter L on all my sweaters in memoriam.


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