Jon and Kate Plus 8 Stories Too Many
Another Day, Another Kelsey Grammer Sitcom

Celebrity Death Match- Tomorrow on the View

Kate Gosselin vs. Kathy Griffin

Kathy Kathy Griffin is hilarious.  Sometimes shocking, always offensive, she has made Kate her prime target since the tabloids gave the Gosselins the space Britney and K-Fed used to occupy. 

Kathy Griffin's movie trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live  (Kate is Enough ) was a comedy bit that played more like an expose to me.  And I love that in her opening monologue as host of the Creative Arts Primetime Emmys, Kathy joked about getting intimate with Jon Gosselin.  Why not Kathy? Everyone else has.

Supposedly Kate is going to confront Kathy for always making fun of her, tomorrow on The View.  This I have to see!

Gosselin and her husband, Jon, will be divorced by the end of this month....thank God!  I am hoping she has nothing left to talk about once that happens.  I am so done with them.

Paula deen Bottom line, I want in on the action.  I want to biff the people at Telepictures for even entertaining a talk show with Kate as host.  "Mom Logic" will contain a mix of advice, health and beauty tips and celebrity gossip geared toward moms and moms-to-be. What's worse? Paula Deen is the co-host!  Advice from Paula?  A woman who makes fried butter balls, exploits her adult male children and treats her husband like crap on public TV?  Wait!  It's a match made in Jerry Springer heaven.  Maybe Paula can show Kate the real purpose of a turkey baster.  Get ready, Y'all!


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