Another Day, Another Kelsey Grammer Sitcom
2009 Emmys- How do I love thee?

Countdown to the Mad Men Fest………

I am getting ready for my favorite night of the year!  The 2009 PrimeTime Emmys airs tonight at 8pm on CBS.  I am having some of my closest friends and fellow self proclaimed TV critics over for some Veuve Cliquot and pigs in the blanket (with Grey Poupon of course)


So here’s my wish list for tonight’s 2009 Primetime Emmys :

John hamm

  • Mad Men cleans up the drama categories in an almost Sopranos kind of way- If Rescue Me made it to the best drama category I would have a hard time even writing this.
  • As far as best actor in a Drama series, Don Draper is no actor- (No offense Jon Hamm- if I still bought magazines with posters in them you’d be on my wall) I could see the voters give it to another AMC original series actor (Bryan Cranston- Breaking Bad) but my pick would be Michael C. Hall all the way.
  • Elizabeth Moss’ character on Mad Men is freakish and that will always win in my book as you can see from my best actor pick. Isn’t it weird that the most of the nominees in the Best Actress in a Drama series consists of ex movie stars? Cable- where your movie career goes to die.
  • I Iove you Liz Lemon, but you are becoming the Ellen of the Primetime Emmys. Hope Family Guy gets some recognition for series and Mary Louise for Weeds. (Secretly I’d like to see Sarah Silverman make the great schlep from the 15th row up to accept one of these) (The Great Schlep )
  • I love Alec Baldwin- so he wins, even if he doesn’t
  • I have no feeling either way on any supporting categories- but I do want Kristen Wig and her drunken Kathie Lee, (recent Madonna) and Ed Sullivan tiny hands to win ! (Kristin Wig )
  • Guest actor in a comedy is one of my favorite categories and should seriously be anyone from 30 Rock, but Justin Timberlake is in this category, and I love him, so he wins. He seriously gives Alec Baldwin some competition as best recurring SNL host.
  • Now Tina Fey should NOT win an Emmy for going back to her old job. Elaine Stritch all the way!
  • Saw Carol Burnett on L&O last night, and it just didn’t do it for me. None of the L&O guests do.
  • Writing for Comedy- Daily Show
  • Writing for Drama- Mad Men
  • Writing for Comedy Series- How can you put all of these guys from 30 Rock up against each other?
  • Everyone should win in the Variety, Music or Comedy Special
  • Family Guy all the way for Best Comedy Series.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that.


Family Guy- Brian's Emmy Vote

Here’s how I’d like to see next year’s Emmys go:

  • There should be no REALITY COMPETITION PROGRAM- even though I sit around waiting for someone to create an Idol Fantasy League.
  • The mini-series category gets bigger and bigger. I miss the time when there was no DVR and nothing else mattered but 5 nights of Roots, The Thorn Birds, Band of Brothers, Angels in America!?!?!


  • Give Rescue Me a shot at something! Please. Before it goes away in 2010.

Stay tuned for my recap at some obscene time in the wee hours of Monday morning.




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