A Moment of Silence for the Tuesday Primetime Lineup
Celebrity Death Match- Tomorrow on the View

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Stories Too Many

Alg_kate_gosselin_hair Just when I thought I couldn't hate The View more, Kate Gosselin is  guest hosting, and sometimes sitting in Barbara's throne this week.  And that's not all (said in Vince "ShamWow" Shlomi voice).  She has a new hairdo!   

I really think this story got more coverage than the fact that Jimmy Carter has way outlived his usefulness.

July 24, 2009: Remember when Kate took off her wedding band?  More people knew that than knew about Sarah Palin resigning (Yes,I checked and I was very happy for the Alaskans)

Jon July 13, 2009: OMG!!!! Jon Gosselin smokes cigarettes!  Guess what brand?  Yes! You're right! Marlboro!  I hope Jay Leno keeps up his segment where he asks passersby questions to see who could name the then prospective, and first Hispanic, supreme court justice. 

Not sure whose fault this is. 

Probably the news outlets.  Definitely some of us.  Harvey Levin, maybe?

145078shlomi Or people like Lizzy Grubman, who have not only provided useless fodder for the masses themselves, but take up more news space partnering with people who plan to make a swimsuit line by Slap Chop-ing the ShamWow.


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