Kanye: Set-up? Well was it MTV or Leno?
A Moment of Silence for the Tuesday Primetime Lineup

Yes, It WAS Rude, Kanye

Leno-kanye-west_l Ok

So maybe Jay Leno is the place where celebrities go to apologize.  Remember when Hugh Grant told Leno how sorry he was when he was caught in a compromising position with a prostitute?

Kanye didn't say much more to Leno than he did on his blog, twice.  It was rude, yes, you should apologize in person and no one will miss you if you take some time off to reflect about why you do what you do on the VMAs, Grammys and American Music Awards.

Jay's daily primetime show, which may not need ratings help considering all the interest in the premiere, may have just set itself up as the place for apologetic celebrities- way before Conan can get them.  Maybe Joe Wilson and Chris Brown are next on Jay's couch.

Either way- good job Jay.  Looking forward to more.


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