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January 2010

Countdown to the Grammys 2010

Can I be more excited?  Lady Gaga is the opening act and the Pants on the Ground guy is going to be there!!!!  This is the first time in a long time that everyone I LOVE LOVE LOVE is nominated and I totally think that they got all the nominees right!


The only thing missing from the nominee list is Robin Thicke.  The new Sex Therapy album is pure sex on my iPod.  I love that album.  Every song rocks and the Jay Z collaboration just puts me over the edge.  It's one of those albums that when I listen to it on the bus I feel naughty, like people are staring at me.  It's that good. 


And can someone please tell me if we are in a time warp or was Hall and Oats really nominated?


I guess all is right with the world.  Mike "The Situation" is there.  Where's Snooki?

Ok - Gotta run- my Valentino dress is getting wrinkled with this laptop on it.  Gotta do the red carpet. 

Go Gaga.  GO!!!!!

Live From the Red Carpet Golden Globes 2010

Why is Billy Bush doing the red carpet?  UGH.  He annoys me as much as Joe Buck.  UGH.

Billy bush 

BB lost "Are You Smarter Than Fifth Grader".  So he's not, and I knew that.

The rain in LA is killing it for the celebs.  The polka dot rain stained Valentino dresses are breaking my heart. 

ChloeChloe Sevigny has a serious attitude problem, just so you know.  

Someone seemed to have ironed Mickey Rourke's face. 

Mariah's boobs are bigger than............

Purple seems to be the color. 

Note to Sandra Bullock- bad hair.  Very bad hair. 

Some quick predicitions, in no particular order-

Avatar, Jeremy Piven, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges, Nine, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Up, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Michael C. Hall, Anna Paquin, Matthew Morrision, Edie Falco, Robert Downey Jr, Baaria, Quentin, Cinema Italiano.

Can't wait to see waht Rick Gervais will do.  Do you realize he is the first host for the Golden Globes in 15 years?  HFPA was always too cool for hosts.  But after NPH nailed the Emmys, even the foreigners said why not.