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June 2010

Rescue Me!!!!!

Tonight is the season premiere of Rescue Me on Fx- and like all of the previous seasons, I will be glued to the couch.

Believe it or not, I don't watch many serial dramas, but this one is an exception.  The writing is impeccible, the acting is raw and real.  It's funny, dysfuntional and sometimes very sad. 

10 epsiodes will air this season, and how fittingly for Leary to end the show's run next year with 9 more epsiodes, leading up to the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

I'm curious to see how they will end the show with a lead character that seems to have more than 9 lives.

Check out one of the best scenes here (Sensitivity Training)

It really is the coolest show on TV.  If you haven't watched yet, you should.  Just sayin.

Who Should Get Glee'd?

I must say that "The Power of Madonna" episode, which got the higest ratings ever for the series Glee at the end of April, was brilliant.  (Click here to see Sue Sylvester do Vogue )

And because I am Gaga over the Lady herself, epsiode 20 was my favorite to date ( Click here for Bad Romance ) and the costumes were amazing!

It seems that everybody wants to get on the Glee bandwagon.  Rumor has it Britney Spears' manager is pitching her (which I could see working from a production perspective, but UGH- she's brings too much drama wherever she goes)

So now I sit here while they're on hiatus making a list of people I'd love to see get Glee'd:

  • Janet Janet Jackson
  • NPH Neil Patrick Harris
  • Abba Abba
  • Justin Justin Timberlake (because he will forever bring sexy back)
  • Robin Robin Thicke 

It's a list in progress.  Tell me who you'd like to see get their own episode and I'll see what I can do ;p