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No Blogger is a Slacker Who Has Friends

Needless to say I have been a little behind the 8 ball on blog posts.  It's sad because I have tons of material to work with- Men's Singles Figure Skating costumes, Tiger Woods press conference today, how much I love Modern Family, why Ellen really doesn't do it for me on Idol.  I promise to get to it all in the coming weeks, but for now let me introduce to to Nicole, a closet TV Junkie.

IPhone 12-14-09 257
Nicole is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  She is a member of a self-titled group of all my best friends for over 25 years, "The Five Families".  While there are 6 of us, "The Five Families" seems appropriate as we are all Italian, act more like men than most men, and cannot be more unique individuals than a group of traveling side show people.

The following is an email Nicole sent me last night while I was watching men in tights figure skating:

"To the only person with whom I dont have to be ashamed of my TV habit -

So I taped Burn Notice.  Have you ever heard of it???  The SNL skit was a game show parody of Jeopardy based on "name one thing you know about Burn Notice".  No one could name anything and it was hysterical.  

Came show

SNL Burn Notice Game Show Video


I got curious because like all good comedy it was based on truth...just renewed for the 4th season and is the 8th highest cable ranking show in america (USA channel). I was like what?  All I do is scan the TV Guide! 


After a quick Wikipedia; I just love Sharon Glass; I gave it a shot.  Only the 90 min pilot is on demand.  I must say at first I pushed through like it was a school assignment because I was just bored.  But it was very cool and totally different than anything on right now.  Sort of retro.  Can't put my finger on it like an "expert" :) It was kind of in the background as I did other things but saved it to re-watch with Craig. 


At the moment we are almost done with the first season of Huff that I bought off a bootlegger on eBay because new TV sucks balls and I hate reality shows.  So if you have any other tips that I dont have to go underground and illegally buy (it was good but $75 for a series that was cancelled years ago is not happening when I have paper shades covering my windows) please share! AND whoever canceled Huff and Dead Like Me should be shot. 


I actually have some inside info there as I was working on the redesign of some Showtime series sites at the time.  A head guy got replaced and the new guy canceled all his predecessor's pet projects even if they were doing well.  Given I dont remember what the replacements were I dont think it was a good decision.  There were at least 2 or 3 seasons after Queer As Folk and before The Tudors or anything worth remembering happened (yes shoot me as a horrible woman that did not think the lesbo show was any better than a spanish telanova)

BTW, you know I DO  realize I am a terrible friend who never calls but drinks a bottle of wine, turns on the DVR and emails you pages of opinions on TV shows late at night when she is lonely because her fiance has a life and went out. Deal with it because my friends dont hang out with me! I do wish you would occasionally email an update about how you and Gio are doing but I am fine with the one sided relationship if you are. LOL

Ok my glass is empty.  Toodles.



You're a groovy friend Nicole.  I heart you and will watch Burn Notice asap!

Is There A Doctor in the House?

Of course there is- us!.  Well,  with all the hospital, doctor, plastic surgery shows on TV this season you can become one yourself.

Because I am geeky, and I love math (which is a common side effect of the aforementioned malady) I took time out from peeling grapes to figure it out. 

 The total: A LOT. 

In Primetime we have House, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Scrubs, Three Rivers, Mercy, Day One, Nip/Tuck (my sick and twisted guilty pleasure premiering on Oct 14th), Hawthorne, and Trauma (LOL)

Nip tuck

And daytime is jumping on the band gurney with another Oprah spin-off- Dr Oz, The Doctors (whoever they are) , Dr. Phil - who is the Wal-mart of psychotherapy, and of course General Hospital (did Luke marry Laura again?)

I have a question:

HAWKEYEWhy would NBC repeat Trauma on Saturday nights?  I watched 7 minutes of it and I felt the need to call an EMT myself.  And when I did I prayed I wouldn't get one of the incompetent actors playing  an incompetent EMT.  I wish I had Hawkeye or Doogie. 



I think the show may have 'jumped the shark" even before it could rerun on Saturday on NBC.  Better to jump it than get eaten by one- because if one of those EMTs from Trauma showed up you'd be as good as dead.

I CANNOT Curb My Enthusiasm

Nor will I ever for Larry David and the next 10 epsiodes (yes, my friends, only 10 this season which upsets me) of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Talk about taking it to the next level.  I have to admit that my jaw dropped when, after the show (which I watched on Monday night on one of the 235 HBO channels I have due to the Emmys) I sat back and really thought about all those "Oh no you didn't" moments sprinkled throughout the show.


First of all, I need to name something or someone in my life Bam Bam Funkhouser.  It is the BEST character name to come across any show since Token on South Park.


I've decided to compile a list of topics that I will discuss with friends, neighbors and countrymen, if they will lend me their ears:

  • Is there ever a right time to break up with someone who is sick?  Mentally sick, yes, that should be asap.  But I'm asking about those physically sick.
  • Proper household temperatures for white people vs. black people.  Maybe Jimmy Carter can weigh in on this one.  Sharpton?  I'll take Rush Limbaugh for $300 Alex.
  • Is a fish a pet?  I have one and pay it no mind.  I also have a bird.  None can be hugged, squeezed and neither are named George. 


    (Hugo the Abominable Snowman)
  • Are apricots too small to be counted as the recommended daily allowance of fruit?
  • Who's coming to your dinner party?  What's in your refrigerator? What's in your wallet?
  • Should you tell someone who's gay that they don't look gay?  Do people really look gay?


  • Is it bad to use someone else's name to get a dinner reservation?

And poor Bam Bam- I can name at least 20 people on my Facebook friend list who have had sex with a mental patient.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Truthfully, all I really care about is the Seinfeld reunion. I liked that Larry bumped into Cheryl. I liked that Cheryl missed only the Larry that was running Seinfeld.  I sort of miss that Larry too, but I think I like this Larry better.