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Rescue Me!!!!!

Tonight is the season premiere of Rescue Me on Fx- and like all of the previous seasons, I will be glued to the couch.

Believe it or not, I don't watch many serial dramas, but this one is an exception.  The writing is impeccible, the acting is raw and real.  It's funny, dysfuntional and sometimes very sad. 

10 epsiodes will air this season, and how fittingly for Leary to end the show's run next year with 9 more epsiodes, leading up to the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

I'm curious to see how they will end the show with a lead character that seems to have more than 9 lives.

Check out one of the best scenes here (Sensitivity Training)

It really is the coolest show on TV.  If you haven't watched yet, you should.  Just sayin.

Who Should Get Glee'd?

I must say that "The Power of Madonna" episode, which got the higest ratings ever for the series Glee at the end of April, was brilliant.  (Click here to see Sue Sylvester do Vogue )

And because I am Gaga over the Lady herself, epsiode 20 was my favorite to date ( Click here for Bad Romance ) and the costumes were amazing!

It seems that everybody wants to get on the Glee bandwagon.  Rumor has it Britney Spears' manager is pitching her (which I could see working from a production perspective, but UGH- she's brings too much drama wherever she goes)

So now I sit here while they're on hiatus making a list of people I'd love to see get Glee'd:

  • Janet Janet Jackson
  • NPH Neil Patrick Harris
  • Abba Abba
  • Justin Justin Timberlake (because he will forever bring sexy back)
  • Robin Robin Thicke 

It's a list in progress.  Tell me who you'd like to see get their own episode and I'll see what I can do ;p

A Double Kate!!!!!

Last week Katie Stevens was voted off American Idol and I was glad. I always preferred Sanjaya's hair-dos over her hideous outfits any day of the week.

Kate gosselin
Now I do a cartwheel as Dancing with the Stars said goodbye Kate Gosselin- I'm not sure what's worse- her dancing or her attitude.  UGH.  I'm glad to be rid of her again.  But I have a feeling I'll be saying that a lot.  She's like dust- she always comes back.

(Watch Kate's Bad Attitude Dancing Here)

On another note, Glee fans trashed Idol on Twitter last night because they went over time, so the DVR people were pissed.  But it was worth it because Bowersox rocks!!!!.  Thank God the Vogue parody hit the internet the week before.  Here's the "Like a Prayer" video (Last song on Glee last night) So don't be an AI hater.  Katie's gone and that fills me with Glee.  The only thing that could be better is if America votes Siobhan off tonight.

Who's Better Than Coco?


Just when I thought this late night talk show saga couldn't get any juicier, Conan O'Brien blows my mind and makes the move to cable.  And it is a very, VERY good move.

Since he left broadcast, he tweeted, did some live shows and now he's on basic cable.  It should have been the other way around, but I think he's got something here.  I was among the hopefuls who thought Leno's move to Primetime would be a success (I admit when I'm wrong).  But this is so beyond my comprehension it just may work! 
It's a much better move than going to Fox, and he'll get to own the show.  Plus he's got a half hour lead on Dave and Jay.

Oh God, poor USA, they just might lose the #1 spot in cable on adults 18-49.

The yet-to-be-titled show will air Monday-Thursday in the 11p slot, preceding George Lopez.  I'm sure George is psyched about his lead-in. And I've personally thought cable could use a lot more male redheads.  David Caruso just isn't enough.




Kate Plus 10: Dancing with Studpity

Some of my loyal followers may know my feelings towards that woman who became famous for giving birth and mocking her husband on national TV. 

For those of you who don't, what kind of douchebaggery is this that makes Kate Gosselin get more press for being on DWTS than an 80 YEAR OLD MAN WHO LANDED ON THE MOON???? Hasn't the world seen enough of Kate?   

DWTS, while it amazes me that these people actually work their butts off to learn these insane dance moves,  is still the place where has-beens go as a pre-requisite to another reality show (Yes, Jake the Bachelor- there may be hope for you) 

Even that 'Weird Science' project, Pamela Anderson, who's most compelling work was a sex tape, acknowledges that this is her last ditch effort to resurrect her career.  Would someone please tell Shannon Doherty?  She's like dust.  She always comes back.

Tea for Two.  Tap, Tap, Tap.

Oscar, the Anti-Christ and ABC

It's the countdown to the Oscars and I'm getting my tiara ready. 

I'm thankful that I thought better than to try and see all 10 nominated movies in the theatres for the following reasons:

  • I would have spent at least $107.50 on movies tickets
  • I would have spent double that on popcorn, soda and Skittles
  • I would have gained at least 4 pounds
  • I would still secretly hold the hope that George Clooney would win for Best Actor and there would still be a chance for Hangover to get nominated for Best Picture
  • I wish there was a category for "Why Did I Waste My Money on this Movie" category.  Valentine's Day would win hands down.  (The fact that I went to go see it alone on the weekend of Valentine's Day did not help it's chances of surviving according to this critic)

But that ain't happening.

Steve and alec
I am thrilled that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are hosting.  They were hysterical in a very under the radar, funny movie I saw by myself in Menlo Park Mall called It's Complicated. (Do I see a pattern here?  Me.  Movies. Alone?)  BUT WILL I BE ABLE TO WATCH IT?????????

Cablevision is the anti-Christ and ABC sucks (mainly because it airs The Bachelor).  Besides the fact that I can't get the song "Deja Vu" out of my head (remember Food Network and HGTV?) I now know what it feels like those few seconds when the presenters say "And the Oscar goes to....." 

Meryl streep
Please, please, please Corporate Giants who make more money than God and McDonald's, please play nice in the sandbox, or cable-box,  and don't let my Oscar viewing party be an E! empty red carpet viewing party!

No Blogger is a Slacker Who Has Friends

Needless to say I have been a little behind the 8 ball on blog posts.  It's sad because I have tons of material to work with- Men's Singles Figure Skating costumes, Tiger Woods press conference today, how much I love Modern Family, why Ellen really doesn't do it for me on Idol.  I promise to get to it all in the coming weeks, but for now let me introduce to to Nicole, a closet TV Junkie.

IPhone 12-14-09 257
Nicole is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  She is a member of a self-titled group of all my best friends for over 25 years, "The Five Families".  While there are 6 of us, "The Five Families" seems appropriate as we are all Italian, act more like men than most men, and cannot be more unique individuals than a group of traveling side show people.

The following is an email Nicole sent me last night while I was watching men in tights figure skating:

"To the only person with whom I dont have to be ashamed of my TV habit -

So I taped Burn Notice.  Have you ever heard of it???  The SNL skit was a game show parody of Jeopardy based on "name one thing you know about Burn Notice".  No one could name anything and it was hysterical.  

Came show

SNL Burn Notice Game Show Video


I got curious because like all good comedy it was based on truth...just renewed for the 4th season and is the 8th highest cable ranking show in america (USA channel). I was like what?  All I do is scan the TV Guide! 


After a quick Wikipedia; I just love Sharon Glass; I gave it a shot.  Only the 90 min pilot is on demand.  I must say at first I pushed through like it was a school assignment because I was just bored.  But it was very cool and totally different than anything on right now.  Sort of retro.  Can't put my finger on it like an "expert" :) It was kind of in the background as I did other things but saved it to re-watch with Craig. 


At the moment we are almost done with the first season of Huff that I bought off a bootlegger on eBay because new TV sucks balls and I hate reality shows.  So if you have any other tips that I dont have to go underground and illegally buy (it was good but $75 for a series that was cancelled years ago is not happening when I have paper shades covering my windows) please share! AND whoever canceled Huff and Dead Like Me should be shot. 


I actually have some inside info there as I was working on the redesign of some Showtime series sites at the time.  A head guy got replaced and the new guy canceled all his predecessor's pet projects even if they were doing well.  Given I dont remember what the replacements were I dont think it was a good decision.  There were at least 2 or 3 seasons after Queer As Folk and before The Tudors or anything worth remembering happened (yes shoot me as a horrible woman that did not think the lesbo show was any better than a spanish telanova)

BTW, you know I DO  realize I am a terrible friend who never calls but drinks a bottle of wine, turns on the DVR and emails you pages of opinions on TV shows late at night when she is lonely because her fiance has a life and went out. Deal with it because my friends dont hang out with me! I do wish you would occasionally email an update about how you and Gio are doing but I am fine with the one sided relationship if you are. LOL

Ok my glass is empty.  Toodles.



You're a groovy friend Nicole.  I heart you and will watch Burn Notice asap!

Countdown to the Grammys 2010

Can I be more excited?  Lady Gaga is the opening act and the Pants on the Ground guy is going to be there!!!!  This is the first time in a long time that everyone I LOVE LOVE LOVE is nominated and I totally think that they got all the nominees right!


The only thing missing from the nominee list is Robin Thicke.  The new Sex Therapy album is pure sex on my iPod.  I love that album.  Every song rocks and the Jay Z collaboration just puts me over the edge.  It's one of those albums that when I listen to it on the bus I feel naughty, like people are staring at me.  It's that good. 


And can someone please tell me if we are in a time warp or was Hall and Oats really nominated?


I guess all is right with the world.  Mike "The Situation" is there.  Where's Snooki?

Ok - Gotta run- my Valentino dress is getting wrinkled with this laptop on it.  Gotta do the red carpet. 

Go Gaga.  GO!!!!!

Live From the Red Carpet Golden Globes 2010

Why is Billy Bush doing the red carpet?  UGH.  He annoys me as much as Joe Buck.  UGH.

Billy bush 

BB lost "Are You Smarter Than Fifth Grader".  So he's not, and I knew that.

The rain in LA is killing it for the celebs.  The polka dot rain stained Valentino dresses are breaking my heart. 

ChloeChloe Sevigny has a serious attitude problem, just so you know.  

Someone seemed to have ironed Mickey Rourke's face. 

Mariah's boobs are bigger than............

Purple seems to be the color. 

Note to Sandra Bullock- bad hair.  Very bad hair. 

Some quick predicitions, in no particular order-

Avatar, Jeremy Piven, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges, Nine, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Up, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Michael C. Hall, Anna Paquin, Matthew Morrision, Edie Falco, Robert Downey Jr, Baaria, Quentin, Cinema Italiano.

Can't wait to see waht Rick Gervais will do.  Do you realize he is the first host for the Golden Globes in 15 years?  HFPA was always too cool for hosts.  But after NPH nailed the Emmys, even the foreigners said why not.