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AMAs- My Favorite Award Show That's Not About Awards

It's about the performances.

Truthfully, I have no idea who won except that Taylor Swift beat Michael Jackson.  I am done with her now.  She gets filed under Miley. 

But I have some questions:

  • What was Janet wearing?  Bad enough she lip synched (because I am convinced after the VMAs she thinks she's too cool to sing) But why did she dress like Bubble's trainer?

Monkey    Janet

  • Who is Gloriana?  Can I meet the 23 people who chose them as breakout artist of the year?
  • Do you think Alicia Keys and Jay Z are knocking boots?  Their onstage chemistry is amazing.


  • Adam Glambert kissed a boy.  Did he like it?
  • Keith Urban's performance of "Kiss a Girl" - a recommendation to Glamberace?


  • Was it really just a week ago that Carrie Underwood performed the same song on the CMAs?  Time flies when you're drinking Veuve.
  • Where's Lady Gaga's fake blood?
  • Don't you think Mary J should have sung No More Drama to Whitney?

And no that wasn't 6.0 on the Richter scale.  That was JLo's fat butt hitting the stage because her Louboutins couldn't hold it up (both the song and the shoes).  Gimme a pair.  I'll show you how it's done. I had high hopes for her as she used the boxer back up dancers as steps.  Then boom.  LOL.  She needs to stay home.  She cannot compete with Lady Gaga and Fergie.  (Video: J.Lo Go Boom Boom Pow)

Even Marc Anthony looked more sick than his usual gaunt self.

All I know is that I'm happy that the AMAs officially kicked off the music season.  Bring on the Grammy Nominations (and don't tell Kanye)

CMAs: A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll

Billy ray
Remember when Billy Ray Cyrus,not his daughter Miley, Hannah, whatever, was the face of country music?

Yeah, me too.  Women went nuts over Billy Ray in the 90s.  And everyone danced the most ridiculous dance ever created since the Electric Slide (Video: Achy Breaky Heart)

Now the worlds have collided.  Miley is a worth a billion, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley do amazing Zeppelin riffs at their concerts, and Dolly Parton was on American Idol last year.   Let me say that again.  Dolly Parton was on American Idol last year.  I have proof.  Look here:  (Video: Dolly Parton: American Idol 2008) Dolly was so bad I was hoping her enormous plastical-augmentations were filled with helium and she floated away.

But seriously folks. Taylor Swift has sold more albums than anyone in 2009 and was phenomenal this passed weekend on Saturday Night Live. Kenny Chesney had the year’s biggest concert tour. And Carrie Underwood will make more TV appearances in the next month than Santa Claus. So far no one does the CMA Red Carpet better than Underwood.  But we'll see tonight.  Hopefully, her dress won't cover the band.

Oh and, fingers crossed, no Kanye on board. Giddyup.

McNamara/Troy- Bad Economy, Divorce, Rejuvination and............Matt's a Mime Now?!?!?

I love Rose McGowan but am a little freaked by her new nose.  It's appropos to play Sean's girlfriend on Nip/Tuck, but she was unrecognizable to me and I'm bummed because I would have cast her to play me in the movie of my life.

Rose McGowa
n recently said that she HAD to have plastic surgery after a piece of glass cut the bottom of her eye open in a car accident. She said that's the only reason why she had plastic surgery. Was the face lift a requirement?  What about the cheek implants?  The nose job?  The boob job?   

Rose should be wondering why Jennifer Grey hasn't made a movie since.........  ?????

Jennifer nose

Nip/Tuck-  I'll always love you, you crazy ass, psycho drama.  I am sad you must go.
Thank you for Mario Lopez's abs, Kimber being as hilarious as ever, and Matt the Mime.  Yes, Matt  is a mime and mimes freak me out as much as clowns.

Nip tuck
I'll miss the very Dali- esque marketing, the meat saws to boobs, carving models' faces up, white supremists, serial killers and drug dealers.  I am as loyal as a puppy and will watch until the final episode when none other than the plastic surgery test dummy Joan Rivers shows up for the final epsiode.

I wonder if, and am hoping that, the season ends similarly to the famous final scene of Six Feet Under. 

Six feet under (Six Feet Under- The Final Six Minutes Video)

If not, hopefully, Christian and Sean will be able to fix the economy and their failing business with a scalpel, a cleaver, a meat axe, a fork, nunchuks, a blow torch, a turkey baster, a hydrogen bomb and a pooper scooper.

They're Back! The Real Housewives of New Jersey

New jersey housewives
I never thought I could be more excited until I learned that BRAVO is renewing the Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!!!

I must adbmit I wasn't into any of it at all.  The subsequent seasons only midly interested me, although, I read a lot of the press surrounding NeNe and all her drama (yes she was a stripper -plus size I assume, writing a tell-all book, hating everyone and causing trouble as any "head bitch in charge" would do.)  There was no way in hell I would ever watch New York City Housewives because the unmarried, ex-Bridezilla, Martha Stewart Apprentice loser Bethenny Frankel annoys me to the point where I stop speaking coherently.

But one day I was home sick on the Sunday of the NJ finale and got caught up in the all day marathon. I was hooked!

I really believed it to be a redemption from the TV Gods to make up for Sopranos going off the air.

I think each of the wives represents at least someone we know or know of.

Danielle- a divorced, non-Italian with a book and rather large, non-articifial breasts.  It still hasn't been confirmed if she is returning.  She may be sleeping with the fishes.

Jacqueline- Restores faith in the fact that you can be a bar whore and still find someone (very rich) to marry you.

Dina- married to the mob, whose decorating sense did not translate to her brace-faced daughter's stuffed animal ridden room.

Caroline- She scares me so I'd rather not say anything about her.  I cross the street when I see any overweight red heads wearing bling. 

But most of all, I love Teresa.  Not because we share a name.  But because of her bubbs, McMansion and food fighting. 

Teresa vs. Danielle

BTW- most of them had babies over the summer.  So it just proves that no one cares that these gene pools could use a little more chlorine.

Yeah- She Got in My World Wide Pants- But You're Not

Video of Late Night Show Video of Extortion last night

If there could be a playbook on how sex scandals should be handled, David Letterman should write it.  He presented his story on his own terms. He didn't ask for anyone's forgiveness. He simply stated the facts and went on with his business.  And he did it with humor. 

I love David Letterman. He's smooth.

Check out the Top Ten Reasons Why Letterman's Sextortion Scandal Won't Matter

So do you think this Emmy winning producer of 48 hours extorntionist man would do a piece about the story when he gets out of jail and win another Emmy?  Stranger things have been known to happen in this business, right Whitney, MacKenzie, O.J.??????????

SNL: Some New Ladies

Meet Jenny Slate.  She is the newest castmember to join SNL as they celebrate 35 years on the air.  And she dropped the F-Bomb!  Classic!  Don't worry Jenny, I know how you feel.  I do it all the time.


The F-Bomb Live

If you are into funny sites and video on the internet as much as moi, you may know Jenny from the Brooklyn based, platonic friend writing duo Gabe and Jenny. (Gabe and Jenny website) Check out The Girlfriend video.  It's hilarious!

The Girlfriend

Nasim Pedrad also joined the cast this season.  I'm not sure what to make of her yet.  She wasn't in the show that much (unlike Kristen Wig who was in pretty much every sketch).  I do know Ms. Pedrad didn't use any expletives.  Here's a short list of some other people who did on live television:

  • Sue Simmons in 2008 right after she thought they went to break
  • Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe while discussing the Obama campaign
  • Shaq talking to a reporter in 2006
  • Jerry Lewis- yes- at the telethon- in 2007

Oh, by the way, Megan Fox was host.  I bet Lorne Michaels had no clue when he booked her that "Jennifer's Body" would drop an f-bomb as well, but this time it was at the box office.

Is There A Doctor in the House?

Of course there is- us!.  Well,  with all the hospital, doctor, plastic surgery shows on TV this season you can become one yourself.

Because I am geeky, and I love math (which is a common side effect of the aforementioned malady) I took time out from peeling grapes to figure it out. 

 The total: A LOT. 

In Primetime we have House, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Scrubs, Three Rivers, Mercy, Day One, Nip/Tuck (my sick and twisted guilty pleasure premiering on Oct 14th), Hawthorne, and Trauma (LOL)

Nip tuck

And daytime is jumping on the band gurney with another Oprah spin-off- Dr Oz, The Doctors (whoever they are) , Dr. Phil - who is the Wal-mart of psychotherapy, and of course General Hospital (did Luke marry Laura again?)

I have a question:

HAWKEYEWhy would NBC repeat Trauma on Saturday nights?  I watched 7 minutes of it and I felt the need to call an EMT myself.  And when I did I prayed I wouldn't get one of the incompetent actors playing  an incompetent EMT.  I wish I had Hawkeye or Doogie. 



I think the show may have 'jumped the shark" even before it could rerun on Saturday on NBC.  Better to jump it than get eaten by one- because if one of those EMTs from Trauma showed up you'd be as good as dead.

I CANNOT Curb My Enthusiasm

Nor will I ever for Larry David and the next 10 epsiodes (yes, my friends, only 10 this season which upsets me) of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Talk about taking it to the next level.  I have to admit that my jaw dropped when, after the show (which I watched on Monday night on one of the 235 HBO channels I have due to the Emmys) I sat back and really thought about all those "Oh no you didn't" moments sprinkled throughout the show.


First of all, I need to name something or someone in my life Bam Bam Funkhouser.  It is the BEST character name to come across any show since Token on South Park.


I've decided to compile a list of topics that I will discuss with friends, neighbors and countrymen, if they will lend me their ears:

  • Is there ever a right time to break up with someone who is sick?  Mentally sick, yes, that should be asap.  But I'm asking about those physically sick.
  • Proper household temperatures for white people vs. black people.  Maybe Jimmy Carter can weigh in on this one.  Sharpton?  I'll take Rush Limbaugh for $300 Alex.
  • Is a fish a pet?  I have one and pay it no mind.  I also have a bird.  None can be hugged, squeezed and neither are named George. 


    (Hugo the Abominable Snowman)
  • Are apricots too small to be counted as the recommended daily allowance of fruit?
  • Who's coming to your dinner party?  What's in your refrigerator? What's in your wallet?
  • Should you tell someone who's gay that they don't look gay?  Do people really look gay?


  • Is it bad to use someone else's name to get a dinner reservation?

And poor Bam Bam- I can name at least 20 people on my Facebook friend list who have had sex with a mental patient.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Truthfully, all I really care about is the Seinfeld reunion. I liked that Larry bumped into Cheryl. I liked that Cheryl missed only the Larry that was running Seinfeld.  I sort of miss that Larry too, but I think I like this Larry better.

Countdown to the Mad Men Fest………

I am getting ready for my favorite night of the year!  The 2009 PrimeTime Emmys airs tonight at 8pm on CBS.  I am having some of my closest friends and fellow self proclaimed TV critics over for some Veuve Cliquot and pigs in the blanket (with Grey Poupon of course)


So here’s my wish list for tonight’s 2009 Primetime Emmys :

John hamm

  • Mad Men cleans up the drama categories in an almost Sopranos kind of way- If Rescue Me made it to the best drama category I would have a hard time even writing this.
  • As far as best actor in a Drama series, Don Draper is no actor- (No offense Jon Hamm- if I still bought magazines with posters in them you’d be on my wall) I could see the voters give it to another AMC original series actor (Bryan Cranston- Breaking Bad) but my pick would be Michael C. Hall all the way.
  • Elizabeth Moss’ character on Mad Men is freakish and that will always win in my book as you can see from my best actor pick. Isn’t it weird that the most of the nominees in the Best Actress in a Drama series consists of ex movie stars? Cable- where your movie career goes to die.
  • I Iove you Liz Lemon, but you are becoming the Ellen of the Primetime Emmys. Hope Family Guy gets some recognition for series and Mary Louise for Weeds. (Secretly I’d like to see Sarah Silverman make the great schlep from the 15th row up to accept one of these) (The Great Schlep )
  • I love Alec Baldwin- so he wins, even if he doesn’t
  • I have no feeling either way on any supporting categories- but I do want Kristen Wig and her drunken Kathie Lee, (recent Madonna) and Ed Sullivan tiny hands to win ! (Kristin Wig )
  • Guest actor in a comedy is one of my favorite categories and should seriously be anyone from 30 Rock, but Justin Timberlake is in this category, and I love him, so he wins. He seriously gives Alec Baldwin some competition as best recurring SNL host.
  • Now Tina Fey should NOT win an Emmy for going back to her old job. Elaine Stritch all the way!
  • Saw Carol Burnett on L&O last night, and it just didn’t do it for me. None of the L&O guests do.
  • Writing for Comedy- Daily Show
  • Writing for Drama- Mad Men
  • Writing for Comedy Series- How can you put all of these guys from 30 Rock up against each other?
  • Everyone should win in the Variety, Music or Comedy Special
  • Family Guy all the way for Best Comedy Series.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that.


Family Guy- Brian's Emmy Vote

Here’s how I’d like to see next year’s Emmys go:

  • There should be no REALITY COMPETITION PROGRAM- even though I sit around waiting for someone to create an Idol Fantasy League.
  • The mini-series category gets bigger and bigger. I miss the time when there was no DVR and nothing else mattered but 5 nights of Roots, The Thorn Birds, Band of Brothers, Angels in America!?!?!


  • Give Rescue Me a shot at something! Please. Before it goes away in 2010.

Stay tuned for my recap at some obscene time in the wee hours of Monday morning.



Another Day, Another Kelsey Grammer Sitcom

Has anyone told ABC that sitcom stars do not have nine lives?  Bringing back “some of the most beloved television stars” for new shows is not considered retro, just so you know.  


Grammer heaton

Patricia Heaton, known for playing Ray Romano’s wife on “Everybody Loves Raymond”, was good at that role.  She made you feel sorry for Ray, as you should.  He had to pretend to be married to her and that was just as hard as the real thing.  She tried to recoup her career with “Back to You” alongside Kelsey Grammer (who is also on ABC's payroll this Fall) and we all know what happened to that show    But ABC gave her a job. 

Hey alphabet network, 10% of the US is out of work- got anything for them?

But none of the above was as bad as Mrs Ray Barone's recent attempt to do math on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.  Even Reeg was annoyed. ( Patricia Heaton on Who Wants to be a Millionaire )Maybe she should have tried “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”

Kelsey Grammer will star in “Hank”, leading in to Heaton’s “The Middle” on Wednesday nights starting Sept 30th.  One thing I find most unsettling about this is the fact that he is playing a married father of two.  Kelsey does not do married well.  He was never married on his two most successful gigs, so why start now?  (FYI- Back in 2008, Grammer claimed his heart attack was the reason ‘Back to You” failed .  I’d be pissed if I was Heaton )  http://www.theinsider.com/news/1093309_Kelsey_Grammer_blames_his_failed_TV_sitcom_for_his_heart_attack

I cannot even find the strength to write about Courtney Cox and Cougar Town.  Hits too close to home for me on many levels.  (I’m ferklempt now) 

Coffee talk'  Coffee Talk

I have an idea ABC! If these new shows don’t work out for you I'm sure you can get your hands on John Laroquette, Jimmy Baio, Robert Guillaume or Ed O’Neill.  Oh wait.  You already signed Al Bundy?  His sitcom starts this Wednesday?  My bad.  Guess there's hope for someone from the A-Team, even in this economy.