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Another Day

Sun 4Another Day is one of my essays from my book From My Vintage which is a collection of sixteen creative essays, ruminations on love, life and loss told in an unpretentious conversational tone. I hope you enjoy it. Order From My Vintage from Amazon.



Another Day


It was a lovely day, I hope I remember it. When I woke up the sun after four days of solid rain, was strong. I could feel my body soaking up the sun. Ferida and I walked a few blocks to Tal Bagel for an early breakfast of bagel and coffee. The bagels are made on the premises and are crunchy warm and delicious. We took a table outside ordered a cream cheese filled bagel and coffee and leisurely ate while watching the rest of our pass by.

I watch through severely diminished eyesight. My world is one of various shades of grey I can see shapes and movement faces  can’t delineate each feature and on a cloudy or rainy day it all looks to me like Paris on a rainy or cloudy day.  I imagine I’m seeing the Champs Elysee or the narrow streets of London. I really feel I’m there.

When we finished our breakfast I decided I looked a mess and Ferida walked to the hair salon Had my hair washed .Some If her hair looks ok she usually feels whatever else she is wearing is ok.


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