My First Offical Blog Post

IMG_1743This morning bodes the promise of a lovely day no rain,no clouds,the sun is bright.and I am writing on the computer with the aid of a voice guiding my diminished eyes.
I feel joyful I feel my blood simmer with excitment.
Perhaps I can again write a story or an essay.
Yes I will.

From My Vintage - A Course at Dorot

I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching a class via the telephone for Dorot which is a NYC based  organization that has been an innovative leader in the fields of aging services and volunteerism for over 30 years. The class begins on February 6, 2014 for up to five lucky students and is conducted over the phone as a conference call. So if you are unable to travel or live outside of New York City or are impaired in any way, youc an still take my class. 

We will be reading and discussing essays from my book "From My Vintage "which is collection of personal essays on aging and life after 80. Here is a short video about what the course is all about.


To speak to a staff member about DOROT programs, please call the Resource Line at (212) 769–2850 or fill out this form.



Don't Remind Me

Happy 90th
This is a work-in-progress essay tentatively titled "90 - A Venerable Age"

Walking along 82nd Street towards Madison yesterday after a lovely watercolor show at the met, I noticed the birds chattering among themselves in a cluster of trees. As I glanced up, I wondered, what do birds talk about? The sky was a clear blue, I felt lighter and softer than I had in days. I could almost see the smile on my face - and why not, it was a day without a Doctor's visit.
I was a block from home when I saw the gossip monger of our building coming towards me with hands outstretched. I knew then, it was too late to cross to the other side of the street.
"Jeanne," she squealed, grabbing both my hands, "I heard you had a ninetieth birthday. Why , my dear, you don't look a day over seventy."
"Thanks Carol, but how did you know it was my birthday?"
"Johnny, the doorman, of course."
"But I didn't tell him I had a birthday."
"No, but you got a lot of cards and I saw the flowers in the lobby and he told me they were for you." She leaned closer to me and lowered her voice. "You know what doormen are like - they're all gossips."
"Oh," I said out loud, but thought to myself, "she should know and isn't it too bad I'm too old for an affair - what fun she could've had with that?"
"Well, just between us, Jeanne-"
"Carol," I interrupted her, "I have to hurry; I have a friend waiting for me at the apartment." I finished the sentence walking away and muttering to myself, "what a bitch."

From My Vintage

"I breathed in the dampness and listened to the birds gossiping"

The wisdom that comes with advanced age is rarely accessible to the younger generation.

At the age of 92, art dealer Jeanne Frank has crafted a collection of sixteen creative essays, ruminations on love, life and loss. From the insightful "I Want More" to the poignant "Louies Rose, the poetic lyracism of "Field of Dreams", the wistful "Traveling at Eighty" and "Throttling Back", the zen pleasure of "Peeling Potatoes" and the provocative "The Sweet Sleep", the author's words are lushly concise and highly entertaining.

Told in an unpretentious conversational tone, this colelction will charm older readers with its wit and inspire younger ones with its wisdom.