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The Art of Paw Reading: Revealing All 9 Lives of a Cat

Pawread While you may have heard of palm reading, you may not be familiar with the lesser known practice of paw reading. Whereas with palm reading, the reader (or palmist) focuses on gaining insights into a person's future, with paw reading it is more about discovering past lives. And with cats having up to 9 lives, that's a lot of history to uncover. While palmistry (or chiromancy) is practiced all over the world and has its roots in Indian astrology and gypsy fortune tellers, paw reading is a newer practice with unknown roots.

The art of paw reading is difficult to learn as there is no recognized authority you can turn to. You may find it helpful to start with a basic instruction on how to read palms. And from there you are pretty much on your own. Since this practice is in its infancy I think you have license to make up your own rules. While you may lack research and science, you can compensate by having an inclination for creative storytelling. Or perhaps you wish to claim that you were just born with the gift for paw reading.

When you are ready to "hang out your shingle" here is the perfect sign from The Homespun Raven for only $18. Sure the "since 1692" is an exaggeration but that just showcases your ability for creative advertising. Don't expect professional respect: most see palm (and paw) reading as "parlor amusement" and "for entertainment purposes only" so you may not be taken seriously. And since cats aren't known to carry cash, it will be difficult to make a living with paw reading. But I don't think you would lack for customers. Knowing how curious cats are, what kitty wouldn't be interested in learning more about their previous lives?
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Having become interested in palm reading, although I'm still a novice, Iwas actually thinking about looking at my cat's paws for the past couple of months. I hadn't gotten around to it yet, but I think now I will!

Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

The Starry Eye

Thanks, Margot. Please let me know how the reading goes and what guidelines you use for interpretation.

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Or perhaps you wish to claim that you were just born with the gift for paw reading.

Nike Vandal

The poor is hated by his neighbour, but the rich hath many friends.

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