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Very interesting and insightful post. What a great spin on the tradition of pet adoption.

Glad to have a fellow blogger like you participating in today's event with Petside.

You did a great job covering the topic and offer tons of information for people. Kudos!

Jaime Smith

The Starry Eye

Thank you Jaime for your kind comments. Let's hope we all are successful in increasing pet shelter adoptions.


Well, considering I'm a Scorpio and have two herding breeds, I guess I did a good job picking according to my sign! I have to admit though, they're not always all that quiet! lol


What an interesting post! My Mum is on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, she picked a perfect match in both me and my sis Gracie!

Woofs, Johann

Madam Lichtenstein responds

Hi Therese,
Chatty dogs?
Maybe there is a little bit of Gemini in your chart. ;-)

Madam Lichtenstein responds

Hi Johann,
Thanks! And a happy woof to you too!


If you have a pet in that case you will be liable for being concerned of him along with one of the most significant features of health & care is dog grooming. All grooming requires quality dog grooming tools like, combs, brushes and clippers that can be found at all pet supply stores.

small doggie

interesting..never crossed my mind to get a pet that matches my personality/birth sign

Dafney seeks companion

Is it ok to adopt a pet during Virgo retrograde or Mercury retrograde?

MJ Harris

Good question! I would say under Mercury retrograde you may have some unexpected miscommunication like "is this dog trained?" With Venus retrograde, what you initially liked about your pet may change.

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