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Photo of Dog Praying with Young Boy

ATT07009 The intensity of the expression on this dog's face and his pose lead you to believe that this dog is very sincere in his prayers. What do you think his prayers might be -- thankfulness for a good buddy and a warm bed? Is he pleading for a warm, sunny day of play tomorrow? Whatever his prayers, he certainly seems earnest.

Someone sent this to me in an email -- does anyone know the origin of this photo?

New Note added 4-3-09: This photo is copyright protected by Karen Fasenmyer (copyright number: VAu000979242) and is used here with her permission. Please see the comments below for the story behind this photo. Thank you, Karen.

New Note added 4-10-09: Please also see the comment left Apr 10 for a different story on the origin of the photo.



OMG that is TOO CUTE. What a SWEET SWEET picture, that's a GREAT shot!!!!

TheStarryEye Astrologer

Who could resist the pleading look on that face?

The Starry Eye

Marcelo Rodriguez

I will share with you the origin of the photo: Many years ago, my family went thru some tough times and our (then) only child, James, stayed living with grandma and grandpa for a few months. My in-laws had a dog, named Lightning (his name was given to him after he showed up one night at their door during a very intense summer storm in North Florida and no one ever claimed him), and this dog loved my son. A few days before Christmas of 2005, my father in law took James to bed and he said his prayers like any other night, and when the dog sat by him, James told him to say prayers with him. To their surprise, Lightning just put his pawn on the bed and my father in law took this picture. Timing was perfect!
Years went by and the picture ended up in our box full of other memories, until about 2 years ago. We decided to get it out along with many others, to frame and hand. At that time, a friend of James (then 15 or 16) was at the house. He say the picture and said "where did you get the pic, James?". My son replied "that was me with my grandpa's dog!" and his friend was the one that told us how unbelievable popular this picture is.
Since then, we've been fighting many people and sites claiming ownership of it, with some sites even profiting from it as well.
The picture is now copyright under US law and the owner is my wife, Karen Fasenmyer. James will be 18 this next Monday (April 8th) and Lightning passed away a few years back in his sleep. He was quite old (about 16 years by the vet estimations) and he had a good life. James still has a very close relationship with dogs, and our dog Sasha, a chocolate brown lab, still sleeps in his room every night.
if you have further questions or would like to leave a note on the picture, please contact my wife at

Jennifer O'Hara

Now I will share with you the actual origin of the photo. Karen Fasenmyer and her husband do not even know this child. This picture was taken for a Christmas card by the child's actual parents-my sister and her husband. No, the dog did not miraculously jump up there to pray, they called him up there for the picture, and my brother-in-law blew on him to get him to close his eyes as my sister took the picture. If you google boy and dog praying, you will find sites like and where Karen and Marcelo contradict themselves over and over about the year it was taken, if it was photoshopped or not, digital or scanned, not that getting their story straight before hand would have made a difference, they are not the owners and have no proof (though they say they can send people proof-we are all still waiting!) If you go to, you will see a slightly larger cropped version of the picture my husband has on his web site. Yes, apparently Karen did copyright it, after threatening to sue my sister over the picture, but I'm pretty sure there are laws about copyrighting someone else's photo.


According to Marcelo Rodriguez in his post of 04/02/2009 above the picture of his son James and the dog was taken in December 2005 and that James would be 18 years old on Monday, April 8, 2009. It does mean that James was about 14 when the picture was taken. That cannot be as the boy in the picture looks like he is only 4 or 5 years old. Explanations, Mr. Rodriguez,

Jennifer OHara

Kathy, that's funny that you want an explanation from him-he and his wife have contradicted themselves all over the place, and have no explanations for anyone. You can see some of their stupidity if you google "boy and dog praying" and check out and It really is funny how they contradict each other and themselves from site to site. Finally, check out for a watermarked, slightly larger copy of the picture, which only we have the original of. I feel bad calling people stupid, but they have called us all names for pointing out that they are lying.

Jennifer O'Hara

I hadn't realized that these people are still trying to say that this picture is theirs even though they have no proof, and no right to claim it, but since they apparently are: the actual copyright is #VA0001691680 date 06/30/2008 and is copyrighted to Carlene Rodrigues. You will also see the copyright to Karen, who has no proof that the photo is hers, and is dated later than Carlene's. Anyone who still questions the owner of the pic, though I think it's obvious already, can check out the group "boy and dog praying" on facebook for other pics of the boy in the picture, Jesse, and the dog, Floyd. Carlene does not mind the photo being used, it's a great picture and she is proud of it.

Puma Shoes

You probably should have had a poll about whether to spend the money on a red playing surface. If Boise State's blue surface shows up badly on television imagine a bright red surface. Yikes

Jordan Spizike

A wise guy has learned to tolerate other folks, so he can naturally lead a pleased lifestyle. He understands to always keep a coronary heart of conscience and never to spread others’ blunders. Did you concur with me?

Natalie Simmons

This picture looks exactly like my son. I had people at work as me if this was my son. He is standing here next to me as I type this. Even he himself could not believe this.


Could someone please tell me what type of dog is this praying with this young boy?? Thank you very much!

Jesse Rodrigues

The dog is a 6 month old blood hound and his name was Floyd. The people who try to claim it is their picture are liars. We have all the original pictures as well as other pictures of my son and his dog. It is a shame how low people will go to take credit on anything. My name is Jesse Rodrigues and that is my son and anyone who dares to challenge me please do. My wife and I would love to me you anywhere you gutless wonders.

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