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Don't Google It: Dogpile It and Help Save Rescue Pets

To the Rescue! Help pets in need by searching on Dogpile.

Picture 4 I can remember that some years back when I wanted to do a search on the Internet I regularly used several different search engines. Then, along came Google and at some point I started using Google exclusively. Maybe I just became a bit lazy with my searching, but that has become my habit and habits, we all know, are hard to change.

I'm sure my search behavior is rather common and it must be very challenging for the "non-Google" search engines to get anyone's attention. But Dogpile.com has gotten my attention with their Search & Rescue program. They say: You search the Web. Together we'll rescue pets.

We're on a mission to help pets in need. We call it our Search & Rescue program. Now when you search with Dogpile, a portion of the revenue generated will be donated to the pet charity ASPCA(R). The more you search, the more we'll rescue. It's that simple. Our goal is to raise $1 million for pet rescue by the end of 2009.

If you look at the site you'll see a counter updated in real time that shows how much has been raised to date -- as of this writing it is well over $300,000!  So here is motivation for all of us to change our search habits, try the Dogpile.com search engine, and help rescue pets. In these difficult economic times you may find it difficult to offer financial support to worthy causes, but here's something you can easily do to support a worthy cause. Start right now: go to Dogpile.com and do a search (or two).
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