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Pet Belt Invented for Dog Walking Ease

Picture 6 When you're out walking your dog(s) you've got your hands full. Typically you're toting a phone, keys, money, iPod, tissues and baggies for cleaning up and more. You may wish to consider something like this Pet Belt  -- kind of a fanny pack with extra features for dog walkers. These features provide the convenience and ease of hands-free dog walking but also an important safety feature. If, while bending over and cleaning up your dog poo, your pooch decides to chase after a squirrel, his lunge may knock you off balance but you won't lose hold of his leash.

Here's how it is described:

The belt fits around the waist and has two pocket-type compartments that will allow for the secure placement of an mp3 player and cell phone. Other storage compartments will hold smaller items such as keys, change, a garage door remote, and more. A small zip top bag component will hold dog treats and another can be used for waste bags. There is also a unique cup-holding component for a beverage to be placed at the waist. Each compartment can be removed and replaced along the belt, as desired. Several heavy-duty clips are permanently positioned along the belt enabling the pet owner to connect the leash to the belt.

I'm not so sure about the cup-holder -- how dorky do you want to look? But otherwise, I can see some benefits to wearing this Pet Belt. What do you think? Here is a link to order your Pet Leash Belt.



My goodness, what will they come up with next? This is actually a really neat idea, but if you tow 90-lb dogs like we do, im not so sure it would work!


The Bird Coop

Great Idea I want want! My dog is always jumping around pulling on his leash, my arm hurts!


I don't know about this one. What happened to taking your dog to the park and letting'em run loose? Have you tried using one of these before?

The Starry Eye

I have not tried this belt, I don't like putting on anything that bulks up my waist or hips. However, there are some circumstances under which I might find this type of product to be useful.


Great article on dog walking accessories to help out walking your dog.

Jason "Dog Walker" Mahlin


please visit the website: www.top-o.com


This is a great idea. I have also used the Quick Belt System for walking my 100# lab. You can carry all the pooh bags, new and used. Keys, i-pod, cell phones, water bottle, treats...you name it. Check it out at


This is exactly what I am looking for, what a great idea. How do I order it?

MJ Harris

Hi Debbie,
I have added a link to that post which offers a choice of pet belts. Please check the post out again.
Thank you.

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