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Chipmunk As a child we found an abandoned, injured chipmunk that my mother decided to nurse back to health. It was touch and go for a few days but, with my mother's attentive care, the chipmunk soon rallied and showed signs of the survivor he was going to be. We decided he should be confined indoors until he was mature enough to survive on his own and so a special cage was built for him. I was endlessly fascinated by watching this little furry thing stuff his cheeks til they were bulging. Everything fared well, I even got to take him to class for a "show and tell," until he found his way out of the cage and disappeared into the house. He was AWOL for days before we re-discovered him lurking behind the freezer in the basement. And it was soon thereafter that we released him outdoors -- hopefully to live a long life with a few good stories to tell his chipmunk friends about his domesticated adventures.

These photos were emailed to me and prompted my own chipmunk memory. Who managed to capture this little chipmunk stuffing his cheeks? Introduce a young child to these delightful creatures, read them How Chipmunk Got His Stripes.


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