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Interesting Cat Photos Show Cat Tongues Magnified

Cattongue If you have a cat you have probably been licked / tickled by their rough tongues more than once. And we know the critical role the cat's tongue plays in their never-ending grooming. But these photos of cats' tongues up close will give you a new visual of this remarkable "tool." 

As noted in the cat's entry in Wikipedia:

The cat's tongue has sharp spines, or papillae, useful for retaining and ripping flesh from a carcass. These papillae are small backward-facing hooks that contain keratin which also assist in their grooming. The hooked papillae act like a hairbrush to help clean and detangle fur.

Shown here is Milo tongue, a photograph by Malingering. Click over to: Cat Tongues Close Up - Mmmmm, for more of these intriguing and creative photographs. Related book of interest: Professional Techniques for Pet and Animal Photography


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