Albino Raccoon Gets Relocated
Video: Mother Dog, Hit by Car, Protected and Saved by Son on New York Expressway

Pet News Links Around the Web, 5.17.09

Picture 1 Here are some great news bits from bloggers and the press that you may have missed.

Thoughts Fur Paws has a post on HSUS Controversy.

I recently had a post up about the Humane Society of the United States helping with national puppy mills legislation. As a supporter of HSUS, I was quite shocked to read some of the comments the post got.

Read some of the comments and then speak up and tell them what you think.

Did you think the Beanie Baby craze was over? Dog Reflections talks about Beanie Baby Bo.

At Paw Talk, Karen Shanley writes A Day in the Life of a Dog Writer. Her previous book was a finalist for the Best General Dog Book award from DWAA, her next book will be out this fall.

For a virtual taste of life of the farm, visit Farmgirl Fare and read Baby Carey is Three Years Old Today! Baby Carey was the sweetest little lamb, now a beautiful sheep -- check out all the great photos.

Need a good dog bed? Pet Monologues offers useful tips in How to choose a dog bed.

There's always lots of cute zoo babies at ZooBorns. I love these adorable Cotton-Topped Tamarins described as the "punk rockers of the New World monkeys."

Daily Bunny offers a moment of zen with this video of a bunny grooming -- very cute!

Book spotlight: Dogs of Dreamtime: A Story About Second Chances and the Power of Love, a beautifully told story by Karen Shanley.


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