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Photo of Cat Sleeping on Computer Keyboard

Image001 Don't we all need a break sometimes? And who can look more relaxed than a napping cat? We all know that cats are ingenious at seeking out any heat source no matter how obscure it may be. My cat used to drape herself over the top of my computer monitor. When I changed to a portable laptop she lost a favorite warm place.

This adorable kitten has discovered the laptop keyboard. It makes it hard for the owner to get any work done, who could possibly have the heart to disturb a kitty who is so obviously relaxed and comfortable. I particularly love how the hind legs are crossed. Makes me smile just to look at this photo.

Does anyone know the source of this photo?
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Its nice that LG is making such a small laptop along with its small keyboard but i don't think it would be more comfortable to work on it for the maximum time.....

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This adorable kitten has discovered the laptop keyboard? so funny, it seems that the cat sleep so sweet. if you review the photo by using a http://www.super-e-world.com/Digital-Photo-Frame/ ,it's more interesting.

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i would love to own a cat myself but unfornately couldn't. well not now perhaps but that picture of the cat resting on the computer brighten my day and always made me laugh. thanks so much for putting the picture up.

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An adorable kitten that has the passion for photography. Caught sleeping on the keyboard is indeed a great chance to take an unusual picture. This even make the cat as small as the keyboard. It is a very interesting photo. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

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What a wonderful photo! I hope the person who owns the kitten and computer didn't lose the place where they were working. I guess, the kitty comes first and it's funny how kittens grow up to be cats like to dominate the house :)

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What an adorable kitten! I have a love for animals in general and cats are one of my favorite animals.

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My cat has finally learned to not rub against me while I am at my keyboard. However, I do from time to time find evidence of his presence! What can I say, I guess you are right! :) He gives me little choice!

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f you’re a cat lover, you probably know your favorite feline will sleep wherever they want, even if it’s somewhere they don’t belong (like on your computer keyboard, right when you’re about to sit down to work). In shoes, boxes, or even on Legos? They’re more adaptive than even I thought! If funny pictures of cats give you something to smile about, check out these gems — adorable cats and kittens taking a cat nap, just about anywhere!


see how funny the cat is lying on the laptop, maybe because the temperature of the laptop is warm so the cat is comfortable relaxing on the laptop

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