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PetAirways It's been more than 20 years ago, but I'll never forget a friend's tragic loss of losing her dog who was traveling in the cargo hold of an airplane. When she reached her destination and went to retrieve her beloved pet she was informed that he died during transit. Supposedly he escaped his cage and was crushed by shifting cargo but she was not allowed to have the remains and she always wondered if maybe he was transported improperly and didn't get oxygen.

Even when pets arrive safely at their destination you are still concerned that the experience may be traumatic. If you have a small pet you may have the option of transporting them under a seat in the passenger section but that is not ideal either.

Now we have another option -- Pet Airways seems determined to take the angst out of air travel for both pets and their owners with a first class travel option for pets only. The Pet Airways website makes a compelling case for using their service:

Pets Fly in the main cabin Not in the cargo hold.
A Trained Pet Attendant is always monitoring your pet.
We make sure there is plenty of fresh, cool air at all times.
Pets are never left unattended in a warehouse or on a ramp.
No need to buy a pet carrier, we provide it FREE of charge.
Peace of mind that your pet is in the hands of pet professionals.
If you’re delayed don't worry; your pet is in good hands.
No hot or cold weather restrictions that prevent pets from flying.

The only downside might be that the flight service is limited to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC/Baltimore and Denver. The price starts at $149 each way -- seems a reasonable price to pay for your peace of mind and your pet's safety. What do you think, would you use this service?
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