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Popular YouTube Video: Three Pugs Tilting Heads, Help Rescue Pugs

Pugheadtilt Pugs tilt heads, don't they? Well those of us who haven't had the pleasure of getting to know one of these cute little dogs have no idea what a cute habit they have. Ask one a question and they will gaze up at you and swivel their head from right to left and back, their wrinkled brow giving them a puzzled (or maybe indecisive) look.

This pug head tilt is charmingly demonstrated in this popular YouYube video by Mabel, Minnie and Max who get asked questions like "want to go for a ride? or do you want to go for a walk? do you want to go to bed?" Their tilting heads are not synchronized which just adds to the charm, I think. They remain seated and tilting away until the narrator asks "want to go to the dog park?" Two of them jump up, ready to go. That leaves one pug left sitting and a balloon appears saying "please visit PugRescue.com."

This is a great ending because by the end of the video you are sure to have fallen for the delightful personality of the pug and, if you are able to provide a good home, you may be moved to rescue a pug for yourself. Related reading: Pugs (Complete Pet Owner's Manual).


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