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Cute Photo: Dogs Line Up to Use Tree

Dogs lineup treeI love this photo. It arrived in my email with the subject line of "Another problem caused by deforestation."  The idea of dogs patiently lining up so that they can pee on the only convenient tree is very clever I think.

I have seen this photo in several places on the web but I have not found the original source or credit for the image. If anyone knows the photo credit, please comment below. The person that originated the email I received took the opportunity to make it an environmental statement as well. Anyone have another clever caption for this photo?
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I'm very curious too.

What a great idea :)


i would love to buy this for my bathroom but can not locate the image name to get it as a print....any help would be great!

Larry Hunt

Beth Want the photo for your bath room? OK just right click on the photo, in the drop down box click on save as save it to any file you wish. It's so easy a dog could do it. my e-mail is Alien511@live. com


I saw someone post it on facebook with a funnypix.com in the corner. I tried to find it on there to share because it didn't have a share option.

William Brown

I cannot comprehend if it’s the dog who imitates the man doing this or the reverse. Whoever imitates whichever, this isn't a proper way of releasing toxins in our body.

Photo Booth Manchester

You can teach your dog on how to use your own bathroom. With just 3 weeks he can already remember where to go in times of pea.

Elizabeth Vernon

Has anyone found where to get this picture?


I’ve been trying to find the source of this pic for several years. I would love to buy prints. Has anyone found this?

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