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Hide (Disguise) Cat's Litter Box: Elegant Ikea Hack

Camouflage litter box  This very creative and clever Ikea hacker transformed an Engan cabinet into a camouflaged litter box. This cabinet could be placed anywhere in your home and guests would never realize what it really is. When the cabinet is viewed from the back, the real purpose of it is revealed. Since cats like privacy when "doing their business" I think they would appreciate this solution as well. The crowning touch I think is the motion sensitive light that the hacker added to the inside -- brilliant!

Litter box  Read the details of this litter box hack and others at the wonderful Ikea hacker website.


bryan cochran

I'm not a big fan of litter boxes sitting out in the open so I purchased one of these hidden ones two. Makes all the difference for my indoor cat. If you're into a modern designed one check this out:http://thepetcrib.com/products/Gralen_Company_LitterPod_Litter_Box-479-2.html

Automatic Litter Boxes

That is a very inventive way to disguise a kitty litter box. I own a Litter Robot, so I actually do not want to disguise it as it coversation piece when friends and family are newly introduced to it.

But again, I have to say that is very inventive Ikea Hack!

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