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Nancy flynn

How do you get all the animals on your show to get along with each other. It is amazing and very interesting to watch all of them.

Nancy Flynn

Eileen Anderson

Dear Mark,

I think on or about Jan 13th you did a show about cat food... You didn't mention any brands, but there was a black and yellow bag from which you read the ingredients, the first four being meat. You also mentioned that corn was not good for cats. I've been checking different brands and they all seem to have corn. Would it be possible to tell me the name of the food in the black and yellow bag. My cat is an indoor cat 9 years old, my Vet advised changing to canned food, but she really doesn't like it, so I'm searching for the best choice in dry food.

I've always enjoyed your shows and and am so glad you are back on TV.

Eileen Anderson

Luanne Thayer

i love you show, i leared a lot about animals ,i havv a lot of them , a lot of birds i have one just like harry i love him thanks for haveing a show like that you teach me a lot thank you


Hello, I am about to get a baby Macaw for a pet, how old shod it be wen I go and pick it up to take it home with me?

P.S Can you mark tell people things about macaws on TV?


Hi, I have 2 cats 6 and 7 what shod I do wen I bring home my baby macaw?


Hello, I have a male and female cat and wen I feed them side by side my male eats all his food fast and my female will eat some and go and then go for a bit and then my male starts to eat my females food to, he is getting fat for a cat.


How can I keep my two year old female cat from biting me? At times she just nibbles and other times she is very aggressive and draws blood. I've tried spraying her with a water bottle or just walking away and ignoring her. Nothing I try seems to help. Any advise or tips would be appreciated.

Debbie Robinson

On the March 14,2011 show, you were talking about the hairball gel for cats. I didn't get the name of the product. Could you please tell me the name of it. Thank you. Debbie R.

Rosemary Meehan

Dear Marc,
I just got a new bunny a few days ago. Could you give me some tips on your show? I watch it all the time. Or answer it with my email address.

Jersey Scott

Can a Hermit Crabs and a bearded dragon live with each other?

Trudy Hooe

I've really missed not seeing your show at noon "Petkeeping with Mark Marrone". Where have you been as of late? I truly admire the work that you do and am so amazed at how all of your critters seem to get alone with one another. The insight and knowledge you share is priceless. I hope to see you on TV again soon. Regards, Trudy

Rhonda Williams

Dear Marc,

I have a puppy whose father is Pekingnese, and mother is Bichon/Yorkie mix. She started acting strange by walking the perimeter of the house, walking into things, seeming really out of it and drooling from the mouth. I took her to the vet and they did blood work on her and said she had a liver problem. Her diet was changed to Prescription Diet L/D. She was put on an antibotic and given a laxative. It has been about a month and she is still on the food, but I only give her the laxative once or twice a week. Is there anything else that can help her condition besides having surgery? She is much better now. She no longer acts strange and is very playful. If you have any suggestions that can keep her healthy please email me. I cannot afford the operation that the vet suggested. But is that even necessary at this point? She is six months old.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


I want to ween our 5 cats off dry food and onto wet food. They are adult cats ranging in age from 4 years to 15 years old. How many ounces a day should each cat receive; would probably break it down into 3 meals a day. The cats have had dry food out all day and two of the cats are overweight. I have given them a little wet food in the morning and evening and they love it.
Thank you for your reply.

Daquawn Barksdale

Dear Marc
I've been a fan ever since I was young but I was wondering what kind of dog will be good for my family. Im athletic so im looking for a energetic dog but also a small dog because I live with my grandmother. What dog do you think will be right for my family?


dear marc
i am 8 yrs old, have a rat terrier puppy, she likes to dig in tne dirt in her pen. how can we stop this, or is it normal, she is only 7 months old. thanks, leah from ala.

mary shepardson

Hi marc, love your show on hallmark, i wish you could be on after school hours or maybe on weekends for the kids to watch. very educational. thank you, mary from pittsfield mass.


What size tank should you keep 8 walking stick bugs in. And how long do they live.And how hot should the tank be. Do you keep them in your home.


I have a Australin Giant Prickly Stick Insect. This is my first time owning one. She is laying eggs how many do they lay. And what size tank is best. Mine likes to eat blackberry leaves and maple leaves, Rose leaves.What else can she eat.
And how much water a day does she need. Now that she laying eggs she will not eat or drink water.

MJ Harris

Hi Pami
You have to ask Marc these questions. A link to his site is in the post.
Thank you


why you only have cat dogs birds i never see goats horses or even cows on there

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