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With National Homeless Animals Day approaching and the cost of owning a pet ranging from $227 to more than $2,000, depending on the type of animal, WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2017’s Most Pet-Friendly Cities.

In order to determine where Americans’ furry and slimy companions can enjoy the best quality of life without breaking the bank, WalletHub’s analysts compared the creature-friendliness of the 100 largest cities across 21 key metrics. The data set ranges from minimum pet-care provider rate per visit to pet businesses per capita to walkability.

Most Pet-Friendly Cities   Least Pet-Friendly Cities  
1 Scottsdale, AZ   91 Charlotte, NC
2 Phoenix, AZ   92 Anchorage, AK
3 Tampa, FL   93 Philadelphia, PA
4 San Diego, CA   94 Buffalo, NY
5 Orlando, FL   95 Santa Ana, CA
6 Birmingham, AL   96 Boston, MA
7 Austin, TX   97 New York, NY
8 Cincinnati, OH   98 Honolulu, HI
9 Atlanta, GA   99 Baltimore, MD
10 Las Vegas, NV   100 Newark, NJ

 Key Stats

  • Columbus, Ohio, has the lowest average veterinary care costs (per visit), $33.25, which is 2.5 times lower than in New York, the city with the highest at $84.47.
  • Miami, Florida, has the most veterinarians (per square root of population), 88 times more than in Newark, New Jersey, the city with the fewest.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota, has the lowest monthly dog-insurance premium, $33.71, which is 2.4 times lower than in New York, the city with the highest at $80.78.
  • San Francisco, California, has the most pet businesses (per square root of population), 23 times more than in Laredo, Texas the city with the fewest.

To view the full report and your city’s rank, please visit: 


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