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How Does Air Quality Affect Your Pet?

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Here is a great article by guest writer/contributor Betti Wilson:


Description: Everybody’s beloved pet can suffer from bad quality air, just like humans can. This article highlights some of the reasons why air-quality effects your pet, what a lack of air quality can do and what you can do to mitigate harmful effects.


Everyone loves their pet, even if they are a lot to deal with. Pets have been documented to have a significant positive effect on mental health, with countless benefits. However, there are many things that can limit your pet’s quality of life too, and one of those is air quality. If you’ve ever felt the smog-filled air in a large city and the effect on your lungs, is it any wonder that your pet could be affected by this too?

Smog and Dirty Air

So what are some factors that affect our air quality? There are numerous negative implications of atmospheric pollutants, documented widely in the scientific literature. Only recently have the effects on pets been documented. Within one study on cats, it was found that one out of ten cats contracted asthma as a result of both indoor and outdoor air pollutant exposure. It was determined that cats who live with those who burn large fires have a higher risk of severe lung damage. Even those who smoke can compromise their cats’ health, several of the cats in the study had developed cancer as a result of inhaling second-hand smoke.


Another study has documented air pollution and health in dogs and found that in Mexico City, dogs’ brains were becoming inflamed because of the high levels of atmospheric pollution. This inflammation was of a level similar to human Alzheimer’s patients.


All the blessings of civilization which surround us, bring such unpleasant moments to a person's life as environmental pollution, air pollution, hypodynamia, products containing substances harmful to the body. All this leads to the emergence of new diseases, allergic reactions, depression. Therefore, more and more dog owners are forced to opt for the best dog food for sensitive stomach. Would you want your pet to have the same affliction that has troubled so many elderly people today?

What Can Be Done

Fortunately, there are several ways that one can help their pet become exposed to damaging pollution within the atmosphere. One of the ways is to use air filters in your home and to ensure you change them frequently. If you smoke, try to smoke away from your home and outdoors as much as possible. When living in towns and cities, there are days when pollutants can be high and air quality low - on such days, bring your beloved animal indoors to avoid exposure to the harmful elements. Keeping an eye on the air quality index can help with this. Vacuuming the house on a regular basis can also help to get rid of suspended particles that can damage animal health such as hair, dander, and allergens.

Pollutants can also come from the products you use inside your very own home. A lot of products unless used in a well-ventilated area can cause chemicals to linger in the atmosphere, with potentially dangerous consequences for your animal. Whenever using a product you might think to be toxic, check the label for instructions. Look also to see if your product is safe around animals - there is usually a label to help with this.

Final Thoughts

You care for your pet, so help them get the best life they can. Don’t neglect the quality of air within your home. Even though on the face of it the pollution may not be easy to sense, there are dangers lingering. Take note and read the points above and learn how to test the air quality in your home to ensure that your animal doesn’t suffer needlessly and can live a happy life.


Do you own a pet? Maybe you’d like to share some secrets about keeping it healthy from atmospheric pollution? We love to hear from you so send us your comments below.


Author’s BIO:  Betty Wilson graduated from the University of Minnesota. It is one of the best universities in the world in the field of environment and ecology. Together with the allpetsexpert.com, they help society to deal with the problem of environmental pollution.



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