People and Pets Help Each Other through Coronavirus Pandemic
Rescuing Rex, The Red-Tailed Hawk

Helping Birds Before and During the Pandemic

Screech owl WBFRita McMahon is the Founder of the Wild Bird Fund, located in New York City.

The Wild Bord Fund is a one of kind organization dedicated to, as their website says, providing medical care and rehabilitation to native and passing migrant wildlife so that they can be released back into the wild. And to educate New Yorkers about the rich diversity of the city’s wildlife and how to help it thrive.

But that description is not totally complete. The center also rescues and rehabilitates domestic birds like the small family of ducklings and teh two chicken escapees from slaughterhouses who I saw when I recently visited. They also rescue bats and turtles. (A snapping turtle, who arrived by subway, is available for adoption...) Their services are especially needed now when climate change and over building is destroying wildlife. Rita McMahon, founder and director of the WBF has dedicated that past decade of her life establishing the center and expanding its services. The WBF will soon expand into Brooklyn and the Bronx as well.

Today, during the pandemic, Rita and the Fund are faced with an almost overwhelming challenge. She says, "The WBF is deemed an essential business by the Governor and the city. So we re open every day.  Much reduced staff, no volunteers, no visitors, no reception and people who bring in birds in need of help hand them over outside the door.  The number of birds is a little less than last year, but the donations are nowhere near the same.  Thank you for helping us continue."

She adds, "I am including a picture of Groucho the screech owl perch on my desk chair.  He is my late night companion, sleeps under my desk during the day."

We do not charge for our services, but a donation would be appreciated. Your generous donations allow us to continue our important work. Please help WBF keep NYC wild.


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