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Dog wetHelene Petersen of KVP Orthotics  offers her views on the value of Drying Cages especially for long haired dogs. There are profession grooming businesses that can find benefit in them and there are smaller drying cages (for dogs and cats) that you can use at home after bath time.

Dog Drying Cages- You Can Thank Us Later

There is no denying the fact that dog grooming is a form of art. And just like most art forms, it is painstakingly time-consuming. Ask any professional groomer, and they’d agree that it takes forever for any long-haired pet to dry after a bath. And it doesn’t take long for a pet with wet hair to get dirty again.

A simple solution to avoid this problem at professional grooming facilities is dog drying cages. Take a look at what they are and how they help-

What are Dog Drying Cages?

Dog drying cages are cages exclusively designed to dry pets after a bath. It is a highly efficient and safe alternative to use blow dryers, which might not be safe for pets or wait for hours for air drying. The cages can be attached with blow driers to dry the pets quickly.

The cages are available in many different configurations and can be customized as per your requirements. But only a handful of brands offer the customization option.

Top Benefits of Using Dog Drying Cages

Here are some of the top reasons why professional grooming facilities should consider drying cages.

1. Saves Time

Needless to say, the most significant advantage of using cage driers is that they save a lot of time. Once a dog is groomed and bathed, he/she can be placed in the cage for drying. While the pet is drying, the groomer can start working on the next pet.

In facilities that receive a lot of paw traffic, this is an effective way for the groomers to multi-task. It also keeps the facility organized and clean.

2. More Comfort for Nervous Dogs

It is not uncommon for pets to feel anxious or nervous in a grooming facility, especially if it is their first time. Once such dogs are groomed and bathed, it can be challenging for the groomer to hold them in a place for drying.

Dog drying cages can be very helpful in such cases. After the bath, pets can be placed inside the cage to make them feel more comfortable and calm. Nervous dogs can also be placed inside the cage before grooming or bath so that they feel more relaxed and safe. You can read this SitStay post for some more tips on how to keep dogs calm while grooming.

Purchasing Dog Drying Cages

There are plenty of reasons that make dog drying cages an excellent choice for professional grooming facilities. Look for a reputed dog grooming supplier to browse through their range of cage dryers.  


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