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Psychic Dogs?

Psychic dogsDogs are amazing and even sometimes psychic. Did you know Kurwenal, from Weimar, was German history's most eloquent dog? Or that Jim the Wonder Dog from Missouri could answer questions in Morse Code?

What is your dog trying to tell you? Maybe more than you know. Throughout history, there have been undeniable cases of unexplained or psychic phenomena involving dogs. These are the genuine and verified occurrences that make you question how we communicate and perceive knowledge.

Award winning author and occult historian Paul Koudounaris investigates these phenomena and explores the most mystical slice of canine history.

How and why do some some dogs attain these powers? Is it true that some dogs can even reappear as ghosts or communicate from beyond the grave? There are some questions that can't be answered--but Koudounaris offers a richly researched collection of case histories and theories that will take you on a strange but riveting journey through canine history.

NYC’s Only Cat Cafe Unleashes Kitty Yoga Classes

Meow-parlour-yoga-4As reported by yogadork -- It is now possible to combine your love of cats with your love of yoga with Kitty Yoga. And it is all for a good charitable cause - cat adoption.

But what do we do about downward facing dog?


She writes:

For those unfamiliar, a cat cafe is a cat sanctuary/adoption center paired with a cafe – like it sounds, right? Meow Parlour, currently NYC’s only cat cafe together with non-profit organization Kitty Kind, set up a space on the Lower East Side where cat lovers and potential forever humans can interact with the adorable felines in their comfy, kitty-friendly habitat and hopefully (ideally) adopt. It’s really a genius idea and a much better setting than the oft depressing and unwelcoming shelters, for humans and kitties, alike.

We’ve learned that Meow Parlour is now following in the paw steps of the awesome shelter cat yoga we recently purred about by offering their own cat cafe yoga classes, a more creative and meditative way to interact with the cutie fluffballs. The hour and a half sessions include 45 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes of cool down/relaxation and 30 minutes quality kitty hangout time (the amount of allotted time for a regular scheduled visit).

Halloween Pumpkin Aromatherapy Dog Collar

Dog_collar_aromatherapy How unique is this aromatherapy dog collar? If your dog has a new-agey vibe or just likes to strut his stuff with something a bit different, he's going to love this limited-edition collar. The orange collar is decorated with pumpkins all around which makes it great for fall fashion and Halloween costumes. The feathers and black rhinestones really make it dashing. As if that wasn't enough, it is filled with lavender for added aromatherapy benefits. Lavender is very "calming." It also helps repel insects and fleas.

This collar is offered by Etsy shop Longevity Dog. The shop owner promises that she has more aromatherapy collars coming soon. Her products draw on her 26 years of experience doing massage therapy and aromatherapy for people and dogs.

Love this collar -- I can't wait to see what her next offerings look like.

Hello Kitty Jewelry for Fashionable Cats and Their Astrology Lovers

Hello_kitty_zodiac Combine love of cats with an interest in astrology and what do you get? -- the Zodiac Kitty line of Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty. The Zodiac Collection is made of enamel and sterling silver with 18K gold and diamond accents ranging from .10 to .23 carats on an 18" sterling silver chain. Every sign of the zodiac is available and, now that you've read the description, you may be prepared for the price range: $700 to $980.  Shown here is Libra priced at $700.

If you're willing to settle for Diamonique in place of diamonds you can find the Hello Kitty Diamonique Zodiac Pendants at QVC for under $100. If you like the idea of Hello Kitty jewelry but prefer a lower price range you can find a selection of Hello Kitty Jewelry necklaces, rings, charms bracelets etc. starting at $9.99. A favorite blog of mine, Hello Kitty Hell, offers a great post on Hello Kitty Pet Jewelry.

While I am a big fan of Hello Kitty I do think that some of the jewelry is very cute and I particularly like the zodiac / astrology tie-in. If my cat wore a collar, I'd be tempted to clip a Hello Kitty charm on it but my kitty prefers to rely just on her own natural beauty for the sparkle. And with her beauty she carries it off wonderfully.

Doga: Do Yoga with your Dog

Picture 10 A recent New York Times article, Bonding With Their Downward-Facing Humans, states that the practice of doga is increasing in popularity. The DogaDog webiste defines doga is defined as "yoga for you and your dog." While some feel that the doga detracts from the serious practice of yoga others think that dogs "are a natural match for yoga’s emphasis on union and connection with other beings."

There is no official certification program for doga instructors so finding a qualified instructor may be challenging. There have been a few books written on the subject. For example, Doga: Yoga for Dogs covers the major asanas (postures) from the Downward-Facing Dog to the relaxing Happy Puppy and restorative Pup's Pose. Each stretch is demonstrated by one of the dogis, with accompanying text to help people adapt positions to their own practice. Also included are breathing techniques such as the hot breath, or pant, and tips on practicing with your own dogi.

If you have a cat rather than a dog, don't feel completely left out. Take a look at Cat Yoga: Fitness and Flexibility for the Modern Feline . The author claims that the practice of yoga will help your cat feel more energetic -- that's something my cat could certainly use.

Petco Helps Recycle Plastic Bags

Picture 2 I was pleased to read Petco’s Got a Brand-New (Used) Bag where I learned that Petco has started collecting used plastic shopping and pet food bags in eleven of their New York City stores. They send them on to Terracycle where they are turned into Petco-branded reusable tote bags. These totes are then offered for sale in the Petco stores for $1.99. (If you buy the tote you can take it home in a plastic bag that you can later bring back to the store to start the cycle over again.)

Terracycle was founded in 2001 by two Princeton University students who set out to change the way people do business. They wanted a company that could be financially successful while being ecologically and socially responsible. I have written about them before in Get the Compost without Keeping Pet Worms. This is a company that makes products that are totally composed of waste such as the "I used to be a plastic bag bag" shown in the photo.

If you shop at Petco, look around and see if they have a place where you can recycle your bags.
Offer your little dog or cat these healthy organic pet treats.

Magic Globe Aquarium

Frogaqu The 2008 Global Pet Expo is currently taking place in San Diego. One of the featured products, this Magic Globe Aquarium, caught my eye. Aquatica Gallery applies science and innovation to the art of aquarium enjoyment. Their innovative products, like this award-winning Magic Globe Aquarium, provide mind soothing yet visually spectacular aquatic showcases. The top of the aquarium is sealed and the globe is completely filled with water. Waterfalls are created on the side openings and the running water goes through a self-contained filtration system that cycles clean water back to the aquarium. The LED system projects a light spectrum that makes the Magic Globe glow in the dark and become a crystal ball night light.

The company claims that this aquarium is "an excellent Feng-Shui generator."

If you are looking for a way to maximize your good fortune and prosperity then you need a fish tank with running water to harmonize Chi (invisible energy) with your physical living environment. Aquatica Gallery Aquariums are the perfect Feng Shui fish tanks with constant moving water and provide a happy and healthy living environment for your pet fish. Placing the aquarium in the wealth location of a home or office can harmonize people’s lives and be extremely effective in brining good health, good luck, and a wealthy life.

I'm not convinced that the fish would be happy with this: as a fish I might be afraid of falling out a waterfall and getting eaten by one of those frogs.

Kabbalistic Beasties

Kabbeasties Stuffed Animals with a History

These are fun, plush re-creations of ancient Kabbalistic amulets that were once hung over children's beds for protection. The ancient designs are the brainchild of Ken Goldman and take on a modern look when done in colorful, textured fabrics. The green one is Sanoi, Samonglif is fiery orange, and Sansoni is cobalt blue. They range in size from 11 to 14 inches and are at FAO Schwarz, who "discovered" them at one of their toy auditions, and, as of this writing, also available at amazon.

These stuffed animals have lots of personality and who, child or not, can't use a bit of spiritual protection.

Acupuncture Treatment for Cats and Dogs

Catacu Acupuncture, a practice of traditional Chinese medicine, has been practiced on people for several thousand years but you may not be aware that, in recent years, some veterinarians have been applying this practice to small animals. If you are not familiar with acupuncture theory there are resources online, both general and specific to pets, that provide in-depth descriptions. But here it is in a nutshell: qi (pronounced chee), the body's vital energy, circulates along channels (meridians). If this circulation becomes unbalanced or blocked, the illness results. Health is restored by treating specific points (generally by inserting needles) along the channels and restoring balance and flow.

Many veterinarians lack confidence in acupuncture treatment because it has not been tested in extensive clinical trials using traditional research methods. But if you would like to explore this option for your pet visit The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture where you can search the directory for a veterinary acupuncturist in your area.

If you want to learn more you can view acupuncture point charts for cats or for dogs. The photo shows a cat acupuncture model that you can buy. It stands on a wooden base and an accompanying booklet will give you a guide to the feline meridians. But please note that this model is decorative only -- you weren't thinking about practicing on it were you?

Flameless Candles: Safe for Use Around Pets

Candles I love burning candles but hesitate to use them with a cat in the house. There is always the risk that my curious kitty will get burned or accidentally knock one over and create a fire hazard (I caught her batting the flame with her paw once). On the few occasions that I did light candles I was always vigilant and, I thought, successful in keeping my cat away from the flames. Then I noticed a few singed whiskers -- how did that happen? -- and I stopped using candles.

Now I have found a way to have all the beauty of candle light without worrying about safety issues. Hammacher Schlemmer offers these real wax, flameless candles. They have a specially designed LED that flickers with unique, random patterns and casts shadows like real candle light. But instead of an open flame the light source comes from an integrated microchip. This set of three candles costs $60 and includes a 4", 6" and 8" candle. They do require AA batteries but this is enough power to "burn" 75 hours on bright or 180 hours on the dim setting. You can get ivory with vanilla scent or red with cinnamon -- the aromatherapy is an added plus.

Now my cat can keep her whiskers intact and I don't have to search for matches and clean up dripping wax.